Who Needs Leashes When You Have Weighted Toddler Tamers

Being a parent can surely be rewarding. However, it can be equally challenging and stressful too, especially when you have to deal with unruly children. While toddler leashes are undoubtedly effective, we bet you also can’t bear treating your kid like a pet. Likewise, doing so would certainly subject yourself to so much public scrutiny. So, what you probably need is a pair of these Toddler Tamers. 

Unlike wrist cuffs, leashes and other walking harnesses, these tamers look more socially and morally acceptable. It’s an ankle weight system that helps your kid stay in place. They’re far from appearing too cruel or inhumane because, basically, they look just like swimming armbands for the ankles. Hence, you can finally avoid all those judgmental glares from other righteous parents.   

Toddler Tamers Prank Gift Box Front


Toddler Tamers Prank Gift Box Back

To add some weight, you will have to fill them up with water, sand or syrup. Each side can hold up to five pounds of weight. So, both sides make ten pounds. Unless your kid has some sort of superman legs, it’s just impossible for him or her to keep wandering off. Aside from that, it’s also a safe and easy way to tone your toddler’s legs at a young age. After all, it’s never too early to teach them about the importance of being fit. 

Toddler Tamers Features

These toddler weight bags are definitely an answered prayer for most parents out there. Sadly, they’re just a figment of the imagination of the witty people over at Prank-O. Yes, it’s just another empty prank gift box to baffle your loved ones. Although we have to admit, they’re getting more and more believable and relevant each time. Plus, most parents would surely give in to any product that promises to make their kids a little less unruly.

What Fits Inside a Prank-O Box


Prank-O 2-step Process


Real Gift Inside Toddler Tamers Prank Gift Box

That said, its “packaging” would totally make the perfect gift box for all your parent friends. Who knows, they might actually be disappointed to find out that these toddler weight bags don’t really exist. Nonetheless, you’ll surely give them a good laugh by wrapping your presents inside this funny box. Be sure to document their unboxing and share it online to spread the holiday cheer.  

Confused Reaction Upon Receiving Toddler Tamers Prank Gift Box


Amused Reaction Upon Discovering Real Gift Inside Toddler Tamers Prank Gift Box


Prank-O Call to Action

You can get your Toddler Tamers here. On top of that, you can also get your parent friends the “Baby Sheild and the “Nap Sack Sleep Hood.” You know, because dealing with kids can also get quite messy at times, not to mention, really tiring.