Nike Releases New ‘Air Zoom Pulse’ Shoes Specifically Designed For Doctors And Nurses

The giant sportswear company Nike pays tribute to hardworking medical professionals by introducing the Nike Air Zoom Pulse. These new shoes are specifically designed for healthcare workers who stay on their feet for long hospital shifts. In a 12-hour shift, medical professionals averagely walk 4 to 5 miles retrieving supplies, responding to emergency situations and attending to patients. As a matter of fact, nurses and first aiders are running twice the miles to NBA players in one game. Not to mention that every step they make can literally save a life.

This is why Nike aims to give the support that doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers deserve. The new Nike shoes caters to the needs of our everyday heroes who are tirelessly working to support patients. We know that the work of medical workers can be physically and mentally demanding. This is why the popular footwear brand designed a shoe that provides comfort that soothes the heel for long periods of standing. Furthermore, the shoe features a cushioning and traction system to support hurried movements required in emergency situations.


The new Nike Air Zoom Pulse

nike air zoom pulse

The Nike shoes have a coated toe box and a smooth surface that protects it from any type of spill. Additionally, these slip-ons are easy to get on and off since they don’t have laces that need to be tied. The shoes have an elastic strap that keeps the heel secure while allowing flexible, foot entry. Also, the shoes feature rubber outsoles with water-dispersive traction that provides solid grip even on slippery floors.

nike air zoom pulse outsoles traction system

In order to come up with the design, Nike conducted research at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. In an actual hospital setting, the designers learned the rigors of healthcare workers on a day-to-day basis. By pitching in the valuable insights of actual nurses and doctors, the designers came up with an athletic clog. Easy to wear and clean, no room for moisture absorption from spillages, reliable traction system, posture support and heel comfort. These Nike shoes are what every medical worker needs.

That’s not all. Nike also included six new designs to the collection created by six artistic patients. The six versions were released in December 7 and 100% of the profits will be donated to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

nike air zoom pulse by desiree castillo


nike air zoom pulse by kahleah corona


nike air zoom pulse by ethan ellis


nike air zoom pulse by bransen fernando


nike air zoom pulse by sawyer miller


nike air zoom pulse by zion thompson


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