Simple And Inexpensive Ideas To Make Your Apartment Look Great

Having your own home is extremely exiting. Being able to call something your own and putting your own stamp on things is wonderful. However, some people struggle to make decisions on what they should do with their available space! There are just so many choices out there! Here we have some simple and inexpensive ideas for how to make your apartment look great. If you’re in the mood for some re-decorating, take a look below and you might just be ready for a makeover! 

Make Your Apartment Look Great

Bed Curtains

Bed curtains can make a bedroom look much fancier! 

Braided Curtains

Braided curtains look extremely elegant! 

Cake Stand

Cake stands are not just for cakes! They look great in bathrooms too! 

Hide Your Cables

Messy wires can look unsightly. Use a shower rod or some piping to conceal them! 

Curtain Holders

Add unique features to your rooms by choosing interesting curtain holders like the ones below! 

Curved Curtains

Curved curtains like the ones shown below are great for making a small window look bigger! 

Fridge Decor

If you like to stand out from the crowd, you could use some decorative tape to jazz up your fridge!


Vents can be a bit of an eyesore. But, you could change this by having a decorative ventilation panel! 

Mirrors On Doors

We love this tip! Mirrors on doors are so convenient. This not only looks great, but it’s also perfect for people who are limited on display space. 

Painted Drawers

This one is great for everyone! The design below would work well in a kid’s room but you could choose any colors you please. 

Two Colored Walls

By painting the top 1/3 of your wall in a different (and lighter) color to the rest of the space, you give the illusion of higher ceilings. 

Transparent Curtains

Another brilliant one for kids here. Transparent curtains gives any room a lovely glow when the sun is shining through them. 

Framed TV

A framed TV can look great depending on the kind of decor you have. 

Vinyl Stickers

If you’re not a fan of plain walls, take the plunge and use stickers to transform any room!