This Giant Tipsy Jenga-Inspired Game Has Random Blocks Containing Hidden Jello Shots That Must Be Taken If Pulled Out

Who says adults can’t enjoy a child’s game? They do, even more so when there’s booze involved. You can now kick up your party by playing this Tipsy Jenga-inspired game with your friends. This set of giant tumbling blocks allows you to play the traditional block stacking game with a boozy twist. Aside from its upsized block design, this exciting game also allows you to hide Jello shots inside random pieces.

Some of the wooden blocks have secret containers that can fit 1-oz Jello shot cups. Just fill the cups with Jellos shots, close the lids firmly, and place them on the blocks with containers. Of course, the players wouldn’t know which blocks have the Jello shots. After setting up the tower, you and your friends can play the game just like the traditional Jenga game. But here’s the sneaky part of this Tipsy Jenga-inspired game. When a player pulls a block that contains a Jello shot, the player has to take it. So it’s either you’d want to avoid finding the Jello shots to win the game or find all the jelly booze just to get drunk.

We found the Tipsy Jenga-inspired game on Amazon where each set comes with 54 wooden blocks, 25 Jello shot cups (with lids), laminated rules, and recipe card. Each block measures 7.5 inches and 15 of the blocks contain spots for a Jello shot cup. We’ve also found other alternatives on Etsy.

tipsy jenga-inspired game


tipsy jenga-inspired game with jelly shot container

Etsy shop HotNHoldin specializes in making custom giant Jenga sets. You can opt to have your company logo, event name, or favorite quotes carved on the top blocks. Furthermore, you can also choose your preferred colors for the blocks. Of course, you have the option to choose between the regular blocks and the Jello shots blocks which is basically similar to the Tipsy Jenga-inspired game.

jelly shot stacking blocks


custom stacking blocks with jelly shot holders


custom jenga blocks with jelly shot cup holder


custom jelly shot stacking blocks

Each set comes with 54 wooden blocks. Each block is hand-planed, sanded, and cut to 10.5 inches. Another great thing about this shop is that it allows you to choose the specific number of Jelly shot holders. Available options are 6, 12, 18, and 24 (prices vary). One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Beautifully crafted. And the designs are awesome! Love the hidden ‘shots’ and people have great time playing with this Jenga and discovering the hidden fun!”


Get the Tipsy Jenga-inspired game here and the Jelly Shot Custom Giant Blocks here.
And get the Jello shot cups here.