You Can Get A Bottle Of Pink Shimmery Cherry Blossom Gin For Valentine’s Day

Are you already planning ahead for Valentine’s Day? You should be, that is, if you really want to impress your partner and sweep them off their feet. Let us give you a useful advice, this Cherry Blossom Gin will make your romantic date perfect. Trust us when we say that roses and chocolates are already clichéd ideas for a Valentine’s gift. If you want something unique to spice up the romantic ambiance, this pink shimmery gin liqueur will surely set the mood for you.

This Cherry Blossom Gin tastes as bewitching as it looks. It features a captivating blend of cherry blossom and lychee for a sweet and decadent sip. A floral and fruity tipple inspired by the flavors of Japan, it contains 20 percent ABV just enough to jazz up your senses. You can enjoy it as it is, on the rocks, or mix it with prosecco. You can also add more fruity flavors by adding a slice of lemon or some frozen cherries into your gin cocktail.

cherry blossom gin liqueur lychee

Flavor aside, its appearance alone is enough to charm your way into your partner’s heart. You and your partner can watch the pink liqueur shimmer as you shake the bottle. The Cherry Blossom Gin is now available in all Asda stores and you can also get it online. So, you don’t need to wait until February to get your hands on this delicious gin liqueur.

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to remind loved ones just how much you care, adding special finishing touches, like a deliciously romantic gin liqueur, to your evening can make it extra special.”, Asda’s Product Developer, Marion Muir, said.

While this tempting pink tipple is best enjoyed with the one you love, there’s no rule saying that you can’t enjoy it on your own. Besides, no one ever said that you can’t treat yourself with a delightful Valentine’s Day present. You deserve it, too. So, go on and spoil yourself with something extra special and get this Cherry Blossom Gin for yourself.

cherry blossom and lychee gin liqueur

Source: Asda