Sad And Disappointing Times People Lost The Food Lottery

You may have seen a recent post of ours titled ‘Brilliant And Amusing Times People Won The Food Lottery‘. Well, it seems only fair to do the opposing side of things! This time we’re looking at sad and disappointing times people lost the food lottery. There are some truly infuriating and saddening images in this list that show how unfair life can be. These unfortunate occurrences remind us to always appreciate what we have or we might just be punished by ending up with one of these crimes against food! Take a look!

This egg and bacon sandwich cost £3.20 from Edinburgh airport! Absolute rip off.

A disappointing loaf of air.

A can of beans that only had water inside…

A blueberry waffle…

This person’s bread was sliced the wrong way! You could make awesome sandwiches with those slices though!

One piece of broccoli was found in this broccoli and cauliflower mix…

A ‘cheeseburger’ bought on the streets of Manila…

There were no Cheetos in this bag, just a lump of flavoring!

The saddest chocolate chip ice cream we’ve ever seen.

False advertising at its finest.

This egg was missing its yolk!

This shouldn’t even be classed as a watermelon!

Times People Lost The Food Lottery fruitless watermelons


This person was hoping to make a sandwich…

When you think you’ve got a huge avocado but things aren’t as they seem…

We really do feel for the people who took these photos. So many of them didn’t realize what they were faced with until they opened their item. Of course, there are way bigger issues going on around the world, but as a foodie, there’s nothing more annoying than facing these sorts of disappointing incidents. Hopefully once the fury settled, people were able to see the amusing side of things. We’ve got even more times people lost the food lottery coming up so keep going to see more!

This ice cream was lacking a cone!

Nailed it.

Times People Lost The Food Lottery ice cream panda


Another fruit fraud here!

Delta seem to have misunderstood what ‘lightly salted’ means…

This could be the most disappointing carrot you’ll ever see!

Let’s hope this person liked yellow skittles because that’s all they got!

Decaying from the inside out.

Well, we weren’t expecting that!

That box is infuriatingly misleading!

Two scoops? Apparently not, Kellogg’s!

Spongebob the cyclops…

This sub is just criminal!

This is how food sometimes looks to us when we’re trying to diet!

This person got a potato in their chips bag…