12 Random Things You Didn’t Know The Actual Names For

As adults, we have a name for pretty much everything you can think of, right? But, have you ever come across something you couldn’t label, or that you’ve just never referred to, because you subconsciously know you haven’t got a name for it? Well, below we have 12 examples of the actual names of random things you probably didn’t know! Ranging from that space between your eyebrows all the way to the stringy things that you find on bananas. Take a look!
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‘This little minmus went to market…’

minmus pinky toe

We actually knew this one!

tines prongs on a fork

What a strange name for what the item is! 

zarf cardboard holders

We really like this word. It’s definitely been added to our vocabulary! 

interrobang combination of question and exclamation mark

Rubbing or pinching your glabella when you have a head ache can be soothing.

glabella space between your eye brows

We actually think this name perfectly suits what it describes unlike many of the words on this list!

phloem bundles string like things on banana

This is something we have always felt needed a proper name and now we know it does! 

frission chills listening to music

Petrichor is a wonderful smell. 

petrichor scent of rain on dry earth

We wonder if you walked in to a tattoo parlor and requested that you would like a ‘lemniscate’ whether they would know what you were talking about or not? 

lemniscate infinity symbol

‘Guys, help! I’ve got something stuck in my lacrimal caruncle!’

lacrimal caruncle small pink nodule eye

Something we experience pretty much every day…

dysania not wanting to get out of bed