Shocking Confessions From Fast Food Workers

Fast food workers tend to get a lot of stick. Many people are judgmental towards them and stereotype the people that work in that industry. Not only this, but as many fast food workers deal predominately in customer service, they also have to cope with nightmare customers. Here we have some confessions from fast food workers that might change your perspective. Admittedly, not all of them show fast food workers in a positive light, but many of them do. No one deserves to be mocked for trying to make an honest living. And, no one deserves to be immediately branded to be a certain way just because a small portion of people in an industry. Take a look!
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This is technically true! 

A random act of kindness can mean so much. 

This is a bit lazy… 

This isn’t okay in our opinion… 

Well, this is pretty unprofessional if you ask us! 

Your server is not there to judge you…

No harm done here! 

We get this, you can easily get sick of something if you’re around it too much.

All these cookies will add up eventually! 

Everyone should behave like this. Helping each other out is so important. 

We’re glad this person is seeing the positive in their situation. 

But, who realized what happened first? What was the outcome?!

This is great. It should be standard procedure to donate untouched food like this. 

It amazes us how so many people have such a negative perception of fast food workers. How can you be happy to eat at a fast food joint but then mock the people that make your food? Someone’s got to cook and serve you! Not only this, but fast food establishments have given millions of people the opportunity to work. Too many people presume fast food workers have no ambition or drive but fail to realize that many of those people aren’t going to stay in that industry forever. When you compare someone willing to work in the fast food industry compared to someone who would rather be unemployed, we know who we have more respect for. Keep going to see even more confessions!

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This is a great way to keep work interesting! 

The guy sounds pretty creative! 

Every little helps. Who doesn’t love extra fries?

We completely agree. 

It’s so lovely when things like this happen. Kindness is infectious! 

Making others happy is so fulfilling. 

Another statement that is technically true! 

People can be horrible, but this isn’t an acceptable way to retaliate. 

This person must really love Taco Bell! 

It is absolutely not okay to look down on someone who is trying to earn a living. 

Some neighborly banter can brighten your day! 

As with everything, some people will like the uniform, some won’t! 

Well, this needs more information added for sure!