People Who Found The Best Things In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales

There are certain people who dislike the idea of shopping in thrift stores. For some strange reason, some people have a negative view and look down on people who shop in such places. We think this is ridiculous as there are some absolutely brilliant things to be found at thrift stores and other similar places. We’ve even got the proof to back that statement up! Here we have a list of awesome images shared by people who found the best things in thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. There’s everything from cash and signed books all the way to wedding dresses! Take a look! 

This was purchased for 50 cents. It’s made up of 6 uncut dollar bills! 

A 10k gold, diamond and emerald ring purchased for $1. 

Two awesome cameras, a Nikon and a Cannon, purchased for $12.99 and $9.99 in almost new condition! Score! 

We would never have guessed that this chair was purchased for just $35 at a thrift store! 

This stunning dress came in at just $36 dollars, also from a thrift store! 

This LEGO collection was bought for just $2.98.

Here we have a 1894 Elgin wrist watch purchased for just $10. 

This set was bought as a gift for $20. What a bargain! 

The person who took this photo was in a band 10 years ago. They stumbled across their band shirt in a Goodwill! 

This is pretty random but pretty neat! 

This cash filled wallet was bought for just 25 cents. So lucky! 

Burger phone anyone?

This person’s mom bought them a cane, however… 

These little gems were purchased to go in someone’s bathroom. 


Well if this list doesn’t prove that there are some excellent things to be found in thrift stores and the like, we don’t know what will. Some of the people on this list were so lucky with their purchases. These images have got us in the mood to get out there and go hunting for some treasures! Even if you don’t manage to find something as awesome as the things presented here, we still absolutely recommend thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales for grabbing everyday bargains! 

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Chair, or… cat throne? We think cat throne! 

Dog translator. Money well spent. 

This would make a great gift for father’s day! 

A Harry Potter themed table and chairs set. We love it! 

This brilliant find was purchased for just $2! 

These two were meant to meet each other. 

This person’s next fancy dress outfit is sorted! 

This money was found in a pocket of a purse bought from a thrift store! 

This guy found a painting that looked just like him! 

We’re sure that the owner of this Gollum cut out had plenty of fun with it! 

A signed Stephen Hawking book. What a find! 

This stunning dress retailed at £1595 but was bought from a charity store for £25! Amazing! 

A Wurlitzer piano purchased for just 50 cents! Wow! 

Here we have a World War II champagne that was found at a garage sale.