After having Open-Heart Surgery, Alexander McLeish Won $1 Million From A Gifted Scratch Card Inside A Get-Well-Soon Card

They say get a friend who can genuinely support you through the most difficult times. But Attleborough resident Alexander McLeish got more than just emotional support from his friend – it even came with $1 million. Shortly after his double-bypass heart surgery in November, his childhood buddy Larry sent him a get-well-soon card. According to him, his friend Larry had a habit of sending him greeting cards whenever there’s an occasion. Amusingly, Larry always puts three lottery tickets in every card.

Alexander McLeish recalled the greeting card he received from Larry on his 60th birthday. That time, he won $1,000 on one of the lottery tickets enclosed within the card. When he was recovering from the open-heart surgery, he received another card from his friend along with three Massachusetts Lottery Cashword tickets. As he began to scratch the ‘Your Letters’ box to reveal his 20 letters, he was rather amused than excited to see the first letters A, W, and M which matched his initials.


Alexander McLeish winner Wins $1 Million Lottery Ticket Enclosed In Get-Well-Soon Card

alexander mcleish

Seeing his initials on his letters was the first positive omen. As Alexander McLeish continued to scratch off the corresponding letters on the cashword puzzles, he got more electrified when he uncovered more complete words across the puzzles. Now he’s on the point when he only needed one word to win the grand prize. And when he found the word ‘HEART’ in the bottom row of the second puzzle, that’s when he realized he just hit the jackpot.

“We double-checked it, triple-checked and quadruple-checked it because you want to make sure it’s real before you mention it to anybody,” Alexander McLeish explains.

massachusetts lottery cashword ticket

After confirming the winning ticket with his wife, he then texted Larry to share the great news. Even his friend Larry was absolutely shocked by the news. McLeish claimed his $1 million prize at Massachusetts Lottery headquarter in Dorchester in November 26. He chose the cash option where he received a one-time payment of $650,000 before-tax. When asked what he’s going to do with his prize money, McLeish said he’d give some of it to his sons and to his best buddy Larry.

Source: Reddit