Beeswax Food Wrap Is A Great Alternative To Plastic And Foil

Save your leftover food and the environment by using this beeswax food wrap. If you’re using too much plastic or aluminum wrap then you’re actually taking part in polluting our environment. Plastic takes approximately 450 years to decompose while aluminum foil takes about 200 years to completely decompose. And as they break down and oxidize, both materials release hazardous chemicals into the soil, air and water that can adversely impact all living things on this planet. Furthermore, plastic and aluminum also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions as they break down into smaller elements.

But why are we explaining the harmful effects of plastic and aluminum foil on the environment? The reason is clear – we want you to STOP using these types of food wraps. So, how can we seal and secure our food to keep it fresh without hurting the environment? The solution is simple – use an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative instead. And you don’t even need to look further because we’ve found this alternative wrap to replace your regular food wraps.


Beeswax Food Wrap

bees wrap organic sheet

The beeswax wrap is made from organic cotton sheets infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. Simply use these eco-friendly sheets to seal and wrap food items like you would with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. In terms of keeping the food fresh, this natural alternative proves to be better in every way. Sure, plastic and aluminum foil are durable materials. But they are not breathable and they tend to cause fresh foods to get hot and perish faster.

beeswax food wrap


beeswax food wrap eco-friendly

This food wrap is breathable. So it helps food stay fresh for longer while it acts as a natural barrier, keeping your food away from dirt and bacteria. It offers an all-natural way of preserving cut fruits, veggies, cheese and bread. Simply warm the sheet with your hands to soften it. When it becomes malleable, mold the sheet around the food or container to preserve leftovers. You can also fold it into pouches to transport snacks.

beeswax food wrap compostable


beeswax food wrap pouch

What’s more, these organic sheets are washable and reusable as they can last up to a year if well looked after. Just wash the beeswax wrap in cool water with mild soap and let it dry before using it again. In the event that you find some cracks on the coating, you can reinvigorate it by slightly warming the coating to allow it to fill in the cracks. Of course, these sheets won’t last forever. But the great thing is, these wraps are compostable which means they break down into natural elements without leaving any toxicity behind.

bees wrap floral design

The food wrap comes in a 3-count pack including sheets in small, medium and large sizes. Each sheet features a charming purple color with floral patterns. Take note that these organic wraps are not suitable for storing fish and raw meat. Moreover, these sheets are not safe for the oven or microwave. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This changed the way I store food! Cheese is the best one because the beeswax food wrap is breathable, your cheese doesn’t get all sweaty in plastic and it tastes better for longer. It’s great for covering bowls and wrapping veggies, herbs, almost anything in your fridge. Perfect way to reduce the amount of foil or cling film that you use.”

bees wrap sheet sizes


bees wrap

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