Mom Creates Fabulous Food Fashion Illusions To “Dress-Up” Her Daughter

If there’s something we can’t get enough of, it’s definitely food and clothes. Artist and mom Alya Chaglar, 31, from Antalya, Turkey, is giving us a real feast for the eyes with her creative food fashion. She uses nothing but fruits, veggies and flowers to create an optical illusion of dressing up her 3-year-old daughter Stefani with unconventional yet stunning dresses. Alya and her daughter love to recreate celebrity outfits and share their photos on their Instagram page. They currently have almost 300K followers on Instagram. And while their recreation of famous celebrity outfits are nothing short of amazing, Alya’s brilliant use of various food stuffs is exceptionally standing out.

Alya was able to produce visual tricks by holding a piece of food up close to the camera while her pretty daughter strikes a pose in the distance. So, this creates the illusion that her daughter is wearing the food as a dress. The florets of a cauliflower appear as a gorgeous ballerina skirt, a red pepper looks like an elegant long red gown, a slice of watermelon seems like a chic balloon skirt and more. Alya’s fashion indeed looks both fabulous and appetizing.


This Mom Uses Visual Tricks To Dress Her Daughter In Stunning Food Fashion

In addition to the fashion, Stefani’s lovely pose and sweet smile only make every photo more charming. You can just see how she’s having a great time modelling her mom’s brilliant ideas. Each photo has a happy vibe thanks to Alya’s creative use of visual tricks and Stefani’s smile. So, we’ve picked out some of the most impressive fashion ideas from their page to bring a spark of happiness to your day. Don’t forget to follow their Instagram page to keep updated of their most recent uploads.


This floral dress could be in Vogue


and who knew mermaids are actually real?!


So, this summery dress is too cute!

Finally, which edible outfit is your favorite?

Source: Instagram page