These Bandaids Actually Make Your Wounds Look Worse


Boo-boos bandages come from the mind of Sherwood Forlee. They’re basically bandaids that depict nasty wounds on them, making your scratch or scrape look all the more impressive. If you’ve ever been embarrassed by putting a bandaid on a tiny paper cut, these might take the edge off. These are currently in their development stage, and they did have an unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find them on the market at some point in the future. Here’s what Sherwood Forlee has to say about these gruesome bandaids…

“Boo-Boos aren’t for everyone, especially those with weak constitutions, but you have to admit they’re definitely more interesting than any of the other bandages available today. If you don’t mind a bit of attention, like having fun, and/or your real boo-boo smarts to such a degree you wish to convey that pain in a conceivable visual manner, then Boo-Boos are suitable for you!?”

Website: Sherwood Forlee

These really are quite disgusting, but they’d definitely appeal to anyone who’s into all things gross and gory. Or someone who just wants to look like a badass!

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