You Can Now Get ‘The Office’ Edition Clue Board Game

Who doesn’t enjoy a game of Clue? With The Office Clue Board Game, your day will never be ‘just another day in the office’. If you’re a huge fan of the classic mystery game, you’ll surely enjoy it more with this new edition. Are you ready to play detective at the office?

Okay, so Toby Flenderson is dead. If you’re anything like Michael Scott, you’re probably celebrating over the news. But of course, that’s not how you play the game. Rather, Michael Scott calls a mandatory team-building event where six employees of Dunder Mifflin must work independently to solve the mystery. Needless to say, you’ll be playing as one of the employees to figure out three things: Who killed Toby Flenderson? What office weapon was used? Where at Dunder Mifflin did it occur?

the office clue board game

You can play as one of the following characters: Dwight Schrute, Angela Martin, Stanley Hudson, Pam Beesly, Jim Halpert and Andy Bernard. Just like the classic mystery board game, each player will work their way around The Office setting. The board includes Dunder Mifflin office rooms, a warehouse, the parking lot, the manager’s office, break room, reception and more.

classic mystery board game based on comedy sitcom

Players need to determine the exact scene of the crime as they also try to find the murder weapon used. The potential murder weapons include the “World’s Best Boss Mug”, a hot pretzel, a George Foreman grill, a ream of paper, a tire chain, nun-chucks, a manila folder containing a knife and more. The game also includes a deck of personality cards, a custom score pad, a deck of rumor cards, a clue scandal envelope and 2 dice.


But here’s the most surprising twist – one of the players is actually the killer. So, if you don’t want to end up being the killer, you need to solve the mystery first and win the competition. Wear your detective cap and try to outwit your co-workers with this exciting The Office Clue Board Game.

Get yours today.