Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Special Keepsake Memory Bears

When a person or couple becomes pregnant, one of the most exciting things to do that makes the whole situation feel more real is shopping for baby clothes. You stare at the empty garments imagining your little bundle of joy wearing them. Sadly though, particularly for the smaller sized items, you know that you aren’t going to get as much use out of them as you’d like because babies grow so quickly! So, what should you do?

Well, you could put the clothes away for storage, saving them for any future children. This is a logical idea, however, we’re here to present you with an alternative for those extra special outfits that you might have a meaningful memory connected to. They’re called ‘memory bears’ and the name is pretty self explanatory! There are certain people who offer a service where you send off your baby’s item(s) of clothing and can have them transformed into an adorable bear!

baby clothes into bear bunny slippers

How lovely is it that your child can cuddle something that they wore many years ago? Or, even for decorative purposes the bears make wonderful show items. We think this is a great idea because as much as we’d like to remember every precious moment of our children’s lives, there are so many that it’s just not possible! This way you can ensure that you have a strong reminder. 

baby clothes into bear cupcakes

Another great thing about this idea is that you aren’t just limited to teddy bears! You could choose from a range of animals, for example, elephants, penguins, cats and dogs! Furthermore, you could avoid a teddy or animal altogether and opt for a pillow or blanket instead! 

baby clothes into bear elephant

Although we think it’s great that there are people out there providing this service, if you’re a dab hand when it comes to sewing skills, you could save yourself some money and take on the project yourself! You might need to make an initial purchase of patterns and a tutorial if you can’t figure the process out, but once that initial investment has taken place, there’s no limits to how many of these keepsakes you could make!

baby clothes into bear pink bunnies