Questionable Solutions To Life’s Little Problems

It takes creative people to come up with solutions to life’s little problems. However, there are times things don’t go as planned as shown in these questionable solutions.

What do you mean my headlight is out?

Here’s how to never drop a book on the bath again:

Remote control swing.

Airplane repair 101.

Creative minds know no boundaries.

Because apples are known to provide core strength:

They’ll work just the same as before. Trust me, I’m an engineer.

How not to strain your arms while using a tablet in bed:

When you don’t have the budget to buy a mixer:

No need to go down the stairs anymore.

This is better than having no window at all.

Easiest way to get rid of dishwashing duties.

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One big fashion faux pas.

Taking the word “lazy” to the next level.

This certainly solves the problem.

What to do when you have to charge your tablet and the socket is 2 meters up the wall:

We gotta give it to you, bro!

Hey, at least it’s a BMW.

We’re not so sure of this one…

This is how truck drivers wash their clothes while en route.

How to fix a broken couch:

How to switch off the light when you’re feeling lazy:

Problem solved, creatively.

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