These Dog Pad Grips Will Help Prevent Your Dog From Slipping On Hardwood Or Tiled Floors

Videos of dogs slipping and sliding on hardwood floors are amusing to watch. But these incidents are no laughing matter as they can cause injuries such as iliopsoas tears and strains on dogs. Thankfully, dog pad grips are now a thing and these could surely protect your precious pooch from unfortunate slips and falls.

Dogs often have a hard time getting a grip on hardwood floors due to the lack of tractions on their paws. Let’s face it, canines aren’t actually meant to live in homes with wooden or tiled floors. To put it simply, their paws were naturally designed for walking on terrains found in natural settings. For them, a tiled or a hardwood floor is a foreign surface which is completely different from natural terrains. This explains why they always slip or slide on wooden floors which can be risky for our canine companions. Aside from the pain and discomfort, these incidents can increase their anxiety and stress levels. As a dog owner, you certainly don’t want this to happen to your beloved pet.

dog pad grips

Keep your dogs safe all the time by giving them a better grip on the slippery floor with these grips. These self-adhesive pads add traction to your pet’s paws as they also increase friction for a better grip. Simply remove the protective sheet at back of the sticker and stick it on the paw. You can also opt to cut the sticker into 5 pieces and stick each piece separately on the pads of your dog’s paw.

anti-slip paw protector for dogs

These grips are made of non-slip silicone and breathable cloth which are non-toxic and 100% safe for your pet. You can now have peace of mind as you let them roam around the house without any worries. No more slipping, sliding or slamming into anything in a frenzy due to slippery floors. To remove, dab wet cotton (or a cloth) on the pad and gently pull it off from the paw.


These dog pad grips are self-adhesive paw stickers that provide better grip on the floor

self-adhesive paw stickers for better grip


self-adhesive paw stickers

Aside from providing better grip to your dog, these dog pad grips also protect their paws from cold floors in winter and hot floors in summer. Additionally, these protective pads also keep their paws from being hurt by walking on sharp objects. Ideal for arthritic dogs and those with weak hip joints and legs such as senior dogs and puppies. Every purchase comes with 6 sets of 4 anti-slip stickers (a total of 24 pieces).

They are available in six sizes from small to xxxl to fit dogs of different sizes. Check the measurement chart below to determine the right size for your pooch.

dog pad grips measurement chart

One satisfied customer wrote:

“With a dog that has had knee surgery, these are a great thing for her on slick floors! Only started with the hind feet. Instantly, she displayed a ‘confidence’ about being on the floor. They stick to her foot pad much better than I expected. So I will definitely use these all the time. A 70 lb dog is securely walking everywhere now!”

dog pad grips anti-slip

You can get the grips here to give your canine companion confidence in walking on slippery floors. But make sure to keep your dogs from walking on wet surfaces when they’re wearing these pads. This may cause the stickers to fall off their paws.