This Coconut Opening Kit Can Gain Access To Coconut Water In Seconds

Enjoy and reap all the health benefits of fresh coconut water without breaking a sweat with this coconut opening kit. Refreshing and packed with nutrients, coconut water is known for its slew of health benefits. With its distinctive mix of sweet and salty flavors, this refreshing liquid has been the trendiest beverage to combat summer heat. But before you get to enjoy this healthy and tasty treat, you’ll need to crack open this tropical fruit by yourself. And everyone knows that a coconut is a tough nut to crack, literally.

If you’re still using knives or power drills to crack the shell, you’re doing it the wrong (and dangerous) way. This easy-to-use kit provides an easier and quicker way to open the fruit and get all the juicy goodness inside. It includes a mallet and an opener designed to be used on young coconuts. Just place the round opener on top of the peeled fruit, with the blade down. Then use the mallet to hammer the round blade into the husk. This allows the opener to drill into the fibrous husk and shell to create a hole. Pull the cut out section to reveal a neat opening on top of the fruit.


Coconut Opening Kit

coconut opening kit mallet opener

The wrench-like opener is made of food grade stainless steel and the mallet features a high quality rubber head with durable handle. Furthermore, the blade opener has an improved design to create a larger hole to help you pour out the juice and access the meat inside. You can also just put straws of any sizes into the opening and enjoy the fresh juice straight from the shell. The opener is designed to scoop up the cut section. So, you’ll get pure coconut juice without any residual husk in it.

coconut opening kit


rubber head mallet


husk opener tool


coconut opener how to use


round blade husk opener

This convenient coconut opening tool features a special design that only requires minimal effort to use. Anyone can effortlessly use it to make a tidy hole in the fruit without making a mess. Both the mallet and the opener measures 11 inches long. Although the opener works best on young coconuts, it can also be used on mature coconuts too. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Even though I love coconut juice, I always worry about someone getting hurt in the process of opening the coconut. Before this product, my sister was hacking away with a knife and ended up at the hospital with 3 stitches. This handy and inexpensive tool solves that dilemma perfectly. It makes opening coconuts a breeze.”

coconut opening kit use


coconut opening kit hole


coconut opening kit easy to use

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