Model Maker Uses Shadow Boxes To Recreate Spooky Miniature Scenes

When it comes to the occult, there are only two types of people. One who can’t bear the eerie concept of the supernatural and one who certainly enjoys it with much delight. So, which one is you? If you belong to the latter type, we’ve got something that you’ll surely love to have. For those who are not a fan of the occult, we encourage to take a look anyway.  These shadow box dioramas project spooky miniature scenes that will bring you to a reverie. Andy Acres, a model maker from London, creates visually dynamic models and miniatures that usually depict ghostly ambiences.

shadow box dioramas andy acres

Mysterious foggy forests, abandoned attics, spine-chilling churchyards, old houses in ruins, these are the common scenes in most horror films. Admit it, these scenes can really give you the creeps.  Andy brilliantly captures these scenes with all their creepiness and frame them within shadow box dioramas. Now you can take a peek into the uncanny world of mystery and horror anytime you want. Furthermore, you can glimpse hidden details if you try to look at it from different angles.

shadow box dioramas spooky miniature scenes


andy acres chimerical reveries


andy acres shadow box dioramas

How does the artist create these out-of-this world shadow boxes? Aside from being a model maker, Andy is also an illustrator. He initially draws out the spooky scenes on paper. After which, he draws each individual element before making a stencil out of each by using a scalpel. He usually uses soft wood, plastics, brass screws, and real glass to construct the frame. The back of the shadow box has LED lights to project the stencils and create the shadows. As a result, the shadows serve as an eerie background to further highlight the spooky miniature scenes. You can switch the lights on and off through an antique toggle at the side of the box.

spooky scenes shadow box dioramas


creepy scenes shadow box dioramas


shadow box dioramas miniature scenes

The artist finds greater satisfaction in building his scenes rather than drawing them on paper. “I wanted to create scenes of decrepitude, solitude and abandonment, subjects that are so rich and often entrancing they deserve more than a flat painting. I want my work to not only breathe life but to exhale.”, Andy explains.

shadow box dioramas creepy greenhouse


shadow box dioramas details


shadow box dioramas creepy attic


shadow box dioramas attic details


shadow box dioramas churchyard


shadow box dioramas churchyard details

Check out Andy’s Etsy shop to see his latest works. Most of his previous shadow box dioramas as already sold. So, make sure to visit his Etsy shop regularly to get ahead of everyone else.

Source: Instagram | Etsy Shop