Trees That Look Like Something Else That Will Make You Do A Double Take

It would appear that it’s not just us humans that enjoy a good prank. We’ve come to realize that mother nature likes having a good laugh at our expense! There are so many naturally occurring and amazing sights to see around the world that will make you smile. Here we have an amusing selection of images showing trees that look like something else. You are sure to do a double take! Check them out below and see which is your favorite! 

This ‘tree’ looks like a giant piece of broccoli to us! 

We get the feeling that this ‘devil tree’ is misunderstood… 

It makes us quite sad that this dragon is trapped in tree form…

Is it just us or does this look like an Ent from ‘Lord Of The Rings’?!

Whoever placed the eyes on this creepy tree is an evil genius! 

You may have seen a tree with a face before, but have you seen one with a face and a beard?!

Some things should be carried out in private! 

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It’s truly amazing how nature appears to us. 

We can imagine a fair few people have given this tree a hug! We certainly want to!

Look at that smile! 

It appears the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles come in many forms…


This tree has a more aesthetically pleasing bottom than most people we know! 

Trees That Look Like Something Else tree with bottom


You wouldn’t want to do anything improper around this tree. It’s forever watching, all eyes on you…