50 Tall People Show Us Their Hilarious Everyday Struggles

Short people have their own struggles to lament about. For these height-deprived people, being tall is everything. But even tall people have their own height-related problems to share, as evident through these hilarious photos showing tall people struggles. Just like how short people wish to become taller, these ridiculously tall people also wish to become a bit shorter. You know what they say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. While height is a desired trait and even a requirement for some professions, too much of it could interfere with our daily lives.

This leads us to think, what specific height is considered tall? If you always get your head hitting against ceilings or if you’re always mistaken for an NBA player, then you’re tall. If not, then you’re either short or just average. Now, if you’re wondering how it feels to be in a tall person’s shoes, let these funny photos show you. These tall people struggles will surely make you think twice about wishing to become taller.


“I Said, “How Tall Are You?” He Handed Me This”

The Problems Of A Dutchman In China

tall people struggles head hitting

The Netherlands is also known as the land of giants because the average height of Dutch men is 6′ 4” while Dutch women averagely stand at 5’6”.

“Being 6’11” Can Make Fitting Rooms A Bit Awkward”

“This Is How My Mum And I Hug Now”

Taking Passport Pictures

tall people struggles taking passport pictures

Did you know that the tallest man ever in medical history was a man from Illinois? Robert Wadlow (born 1918) measured a staggering 8’11” when he was measured on June 27, 1940.  Sadly, he died of ankle infection a month after his last measurement.  Despite his short-lived life, his remarkable height still makes him the tallest man in history.

“A Friend Of Mine At A Recent Checkup”

According to the Guinness World Records, the tallest living man as of  today is Sultan Kosen from Ankara, Turkey. He stands at 8’3”, making him the first man over 8-feet in over 20 years.

“So I Bought One Of Those Shirts”

“My BF Is 198cm (6,6ft) Tall. We Have Been Traveling Through Europe A Bit And I Started Taking Series Of Pictures”

“I Can Only Sit In A Plane Like This If There Is No Seat In Front Of Me, Normal Seats Are 100% Impossible Or I Will Block The Walking Path”

Giraffes United Against Ceiling Fans

“Spotted In The Washroom At Work…”

A Dutch Employee Gets Interviewed By Chinese Media

“My Way Of Dealing With That ‘I Am Too Tall For That Kitchen Problem'”

tall people struggles kitchen problem

“I’m Moving Away From My 4’9″ Sidekick. I’m Going To Miss This”

Tall Guy Problem Solved. Solution: Extra Mirror

What A 6’8″ Groom And 6’4″ Bride Look Like (Next To Normal Sized People)

“At 6’5″, NS Premier Stephen McNeil Looked Pretty Tall On Election Night. At 6’9″, I May Have Shattered That Illusion Today”

Go To Italy They Said… It Would Be Fun They Said

“Went On Vacation On Our Family’s Boat… This Is My Attempt At Taking A Shower”

“I Got All Of The Typical Tall Questions When I First Started Working At Starbucks”

“Spotted This At A Bar Last Night, Tall Girl Problems”

“So My Two Tall Buds Decided To Sit Opposite Each Other On The Bus”

Love Window Seats

“I Love It When There’s No One Sitting In Front Of Me… My Legs Need To Always Improvise, Adapt And Overcome”

“I’m 7’3″ And Have Arms Like A Gorilla”

Dealing With A Tall People Problem

“I Have An Extremely Important Question And I Need Your Help!! What’s The Better Way To Hug – Shoulder To Shoulder Or Hip To Hip?”

“Since Everyone Thinks They Are So Tall. Here Is My Friend And I In A Kitchen In Copenhagen”

“I Didn’t Fit In My Hospital Bed”

Tall People And Small Cars

tall people struggles small cars

“I Can Forgive Short Mirrors Since I’m Ugly, But I Will Never Forgive The Evil That Is Aku”

When You Know You’re Too Tall

“I Love My Job, But Can’t Wait To Get Hired Into A Larger Airplane”

“New Apartment, New Thing To Smack My Head On”

“My Almost 2 Meters Tall Friend Is Having Some Trouble At The ATM”

“My Tall Friend’s Solution To Using An Elliptical”

Small Room Or Big Hat?

“When You’re 6’10 And Want To Drive Your Aventador”

“As A 7’0″ Tall Guy, I’ve Held Back On The Rage. I Just Go With It Now”

Tall People Struggles

7’6 Tacko Fall

“Jumping On The Work Desk Bandwagon”

“I’m 6’6” And This How Much Leg Room Was Available On Spirit Airlines. Luckily It Was Only A 4 Hour Flight”

I Feel The Pain

“It Can Be Hard To Do It When Looking Into The Eyes Of A Good Friend”

“So This Is Me (18, 6’7) Next To My Pal In Their House. I Hate Their House”

Tall Guys Got Problems Too

“My Coworker Was Too Tall For Her Childhood Dance Recital Photo, So We Fixed It”

Wold’s Tallest Teenager With Her Boyfriend

Tall Person Problems