35 Times When Short People Made Tall People Look Like Actual Giants

Both tall and short people have their own struggles to face. But wait till you see these photos of tall people with short people, standing next to each other. And then you’ll see the ridiculous comparison that will surely make your jaw drop and make you laugh. Height has always been an issue for most of us. Being tall isn’t always better, at least from the standpoint of a tall person. Hearing the usual questions such as ‘Do you play basketball?’, and ‘How’s the weather up there?’ every single time. Whether they like it or not, tall people certainly get all the attention due to their towering heights. The unnecessary attention can really make them feel uncomfortable. Most of the times, tall people often feel they don’t fit anywhere, literally. On the other hand, short people can only look up to them in envy.

It goes without saying that short people also have problems with their height. Being called a ‘midget’ and being constantly mistaken for a 12-year-old, the struggle is real for short people too. So, what happens when tall and short people come across each other? Well, the considerable height difference between them would surely make everything worse. When they’re next to each other, the tall person becomes a giant and the short person becomes a dwarf. But we can’t deny the hilarity of seeing the huge height gap. Take a look at these funny photos showing tall people with short people. Despite the unbelievable differences, we guarantee that no CGI is involved in these photos.


“Can You Tell Who’s Related?”

“The Dutch Giant at McDonalds in the Philippines”

A study reveals that the average height of Dutch men towers over all other nationalities. So, when they go to other countries such as the Philippines, China, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries where the average adult male height is only 5’3″, Dutch men suddenly become giants. Check out this hilarious article showing tall people struggling to fit in Japan.

“Vern Troyer, The Guy Who Plays Mini-Me In The Austin Powers Movies Wanted A Photo With Me. I’m 6Ft10”

“Protection Come In All Shapes And Sizes”

“Buddy Of Mine Who Stepped Up And Got Married”

“A Friend Of Mine At A Recent Checkup”

“Trying To Fit Entire Body In The Shot”

“My 6’0″ Girlfriend And Her Minions”

“The Mountain From GOT With His Wife”

Women Basketball Players vs. Cheerleaders

“Prom Pictures With GF And Her Dad”

“Husband And I Went To Wedding… We Are All The Way In The Back”

“My Wife Is 5’1” And I Am 6’7”, When It Comes To Hotel Robes, One Size Does Not Fit All”

“7 Foot Female Basketball Player… Didn’t Even Come Close”

“6’8 Me With My 4’10 Friend Jackie”

“When You’re At A Wedding And There Are No Close Snack”

“This Is How My Mum And I Hug Now”

“My Short Mom Sends Our Family Photos Of Her With Really Tall People”

“Gave My Friend My Pants To Use As A Blanket During Our Sleepover. 6’5 And 40” Inseam”

A Dutch Employee Gets Interviewed By Chinese Media

“I Have An Extremely Important Question And I Need Your Help!! What’s The Better Way To Hug – Shoulder To Shoulder Or Hip To Hip?”

Wold’s Tallest Teenager With Her Boyfriend

“Gymnast Flávia Saraiva, 1.33m, With Basketball Player Nenê, 2.11m”

tall people with short people gymnast vs basketball player

“I’m Moving Away From My 4’9″ Sidekick. I’m Going To Miss This”

“At 6’5″, NS Premier Stephen McNeil Looked Pretty Tall On Election Night. At 6’9″, I May Have Shattered That Illusion Today”

Took Away The Spotlight

“Yao Ming Visited My Girlfriend’s Restaurant, She’s 4’11”

“Me With My Best Friend. She’s 4’11”, I’m 6’1″”

“Me And My 6’4″ Date To Our Rowing Formal. I’d Say We’re Pretty Cute”

Tall People With Short People

“I Feel The Pain”

This Tall Man And Short Woman

“I Recently Went To Spain”

“I’d Say Short People Probs But It’s More Like Kelli Tennant Problems”

“Spotted This At A Bar Last Night, Tall Girl Problems”