50 People Share Times They Saw Real Glitches In The Matrix And Had To Look Again

Life is strange. No day is ever really the same, no matter how mundane or repetitive your routine is. Something interesting somehow always manages to break the monotony. (And thank goodness for that!) Your day’s surprise highlight can be anything. From running into an old friend, to encountering an adorable dog along the way, to witnessing a surreal moment with doppelgängers – life certainly knows how to keep things interesting.

With over 7 billion people walking this Earth, there’s bound to be one or two complete strangers that resemble each other. To put it simply, our facial attributes are like a spinning wheel of features. The combinations are limitless and can repeat, to a degree. It’s kind of freaky and kind of cool at the same time!

However, genetics doesn’t always have a hand at creating look-a-likes. Since the fashion industry mass produces clothing items, the chances of you meeting someone donning the exact same things in the exact same style is really high. We’ve compiled a list of photos exhibiting the funny phenomenon, so scroll down below!




These three random men in my photo look like the same person


“I found my sister’s doppelgänger at the Coldplay concert in Gothenburg”


White guy problems


Meanwhile, in the Matrix


“The three girls in the same row, wearing the same color sweater, with the same hair color”


“Friend discovered his doppelgänger at the airport today. Neither were pleased.”


I met my doppelgänger


“My friend got on a train and the same woman sat down, 4 times…”


“I didn’t believe in the Matrix…until today”


My boyfriend and his doppelgänger at the Getty Museum


“My boyfriend and I went to a beer festival and met a couple who was dressed the same as us”


“I’m visiting the USA for the first time: there was a glitch in the Matrix yesterday as I stood in line at The Met, NY”


Just witnessed my very own


I found a glitch in the Matrix


“I think I found a glitch in the Matrix”


Glitch in the Matrix at tech conference


“I was at work when we noticed a fantastic lookalike”


There’s a glitch in the Matrix

two blond males wearing similar coats



“Glitch in the Matrix or just rush week for Chads everywhere?”


This thrift store photo is my doppelgänger


Another glitch in the matrix


“Found my doppelgänger at Disney’s California Adventure!”


There is a glitch in the Matrix


I think I entered the Twilight Zone at Tim Hortons


My girl had a glitch with the matrix


Found a glitch in the matrix


“My brother glitched the matrix while grocery shopping”


“My friend traveled all the way to Thailand to randomly find his doppelgänger”


Double vision or doppelgänger


A glitch in the Matrix


They’re multiplying!


Glitch in the Matrix


“Was watching Educating Yorkshire when there was a glitch in the Matrix”


No twins! Just a glitch in the Matrix


“When you stumble upon your classmate’s side modeling gig…”


Waiting to get a haircut when…


“Please don’t be a glitch. I just wanna eat my pizza rolls and get drunk”


When you catch your doppelgänger on TV


“Went to lunch with my coworker when his doppelgänger sat behind him…”


There was a glitch on my train


Glitch in the Matrix… err… Vegas…


“Don’t you love it when there’s a glitch in the Matrix”


“Was working out with girlfriend and I saw something familiar behind her”


Found this glitch in the Matrix


I also saw a glitch in the Matrix


There was a glitch in the Matrix at lunch


“Drinking a flat white and wondering if should have taken red pill or the blue pill?”


Finally experienced a glitch in the Matrix


Caught my friend glaring at his Doppelgänger

Running into someone wearing the exact same outfit as you can either be frustrating or hilarious, depending on how you take it. These amazing captures certainly had us befuddled! Have you ever seen Doppelgängers before? How was the experience? Tell us in the comments section below!