Seniors Are Buying Tiny Mobile Homes to Live Their Golden Years Off Grid


Tiny mobile homes for seniors make it possible for elders to enjoy retirement years in the comfort of their homes. Getting old is inevitable and every one of us will eventually reach old age. Spending our golden years in retirement homes or nursing homes is not something to look forward to. This is why tiny mobile homes should be taken into consideration in a retirement plan. The demand for small-scale housing has increased over the years and more people are advocating simple living in tiny homes. Hence, the motto ‘less is more’.

Based on a 2015 survey, approximately 30% of small home residents are senior citizens between 60 and 70 years old. Hence, it is safe to assume that the tiny house movement plays a huge part in retirement living. Mobile tiny homes for seniors are certainly a great alternative to forlorn nursing homes for old people. Unlike retirement homes, these tiny homes allow them to be mobile so they can live life on the open road. Aside from the opportunity of traveling, it also gives them the freedom to live life just the way they want it. Let’s take the Sausage Nonnas for example. This group of three working grandmothers travels in tiny homes to deliver sausage specialties from one place to another.

Driven by an Uber partner, the Sausage Nonnas travel around in customized tiny homes to Sausage Nonnasbring customers scrumptious Italian dinner. Customers could order food directly thru an app and the Sausage Nonnas in tiny houses will deliver the food themselves.

Sausage Nonnas Ladies

seniors living in small homes
Sausage Nonnas


moving tiny home down highway
Sausage Nonnas


tiny mobile homes
Sausage Nonnas

Inside Tiny Mobile Homes

Sausage Nonnas


tiny home kitchen
Sausage Nonnas

As the demand for tiny homes grows higher, other companies such as MEDCottage are coming up with new innovations. The company’s very own ‘granny pod’ is a modular housing alternative to assisted living or nursing home.

With a granny pod, you have the option to use it as a mobile home or you can simply install it in the backyard. Moreover, these tiny homes are equipped with helpful modifications such as lighted floors and boards, grab bars, and camera surveillance. One of the most amazing things about granny pod is its smart technology features. This smart system has the ability to monitor the elder’s health status such as vital signs, blood pressure and more. Built-in sensors then give off alerts in case of a problem. Not only that, the smart system also utilizes computer to give reminders for medication. This can really come in handy especially when they have no one around to remind them to take their meds.

Take a look at this model by Tumbleweed Houses with customized covered porch and a hot tub.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed Houses

Or you can design your own tiny home just like Bette Presley. This 73-year-old woman also equipped her 166-sqaure-foot mobile cabin with solar panels to help her live off the grid. Living the golden years doesn’t have to be dreary. Seniors can now live their life to the fullest with their own mobile tiny homes where they can live happily.

tumbleweed homes
The Tribune


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In fact, more and more companies are innovating small housing to make senior life more comfortable and more gratifying. For instance, the Next Door Housing Company features senior-friendly details such as low cupboards and countertops for easier accessibility. Furthermore, it incorporates wheelchair accessible bathrooms to assist old people with mobility issues.

Shirley Louiselle

The company started when 83-year-old Shirley Louiselle decided to spend her life in a 240-square-foot house built by her grandson. Both Shirley and her grandson soon realized that living in a small-scale house provide more than just downsizing. More importantly, it gives the opportunity for seniors to live closer to home versus living in a nursing home. The company aims to offer an amazing transition from a dull retirement life to colorful golden years.

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