16 Brilliant products that you wish existed

We live in a world where technology is becoming an essential part of everyone’s lives. New product designs are being made all the time, but only some of them actually make it onto the store shelf for you to buy. Check out this list of awesome product designs that we think need to be made available now! You won’t believe the fact that they don’t even exist yet, because some of them are so good it’s surprising that they haven’t already been thought of!

Personalized Coffee Machine

This machine will use hand print recognition technology to make the right coffee for each person’s individual requirements.

Non-Permanent Highlighter

This highlighter will last 6 months before completely fading away. It means you can then sell on or give away your books and they’ll be good as new.

Transparent Hole Punch

This will allow you to actually see where to place the hole! A major design flaw in the majority of hole punchers available on the market today.

Edible Cups

You could be drinking and snacking at the same time! These are made from an edible jello called agar-agar.

Monster Toy Box

This will help to encourage your kids to pack away their toys. The monster will eat the toys until they are ready to be played with again and it has wheels so you can pull it along as you tidy.

Disinfecting Towel Dryer

This is a genious idea! It will dry your towel with heat and disinfect any bacteria lurking on it with UV technology.

Drip Catching Mug

So simple yet so effective!

Mobile Shelter Sneakers

Well that’s one less thing to carry in your backpack!

Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy

Clean gnashers are essential for dogs as well as humans, but have you ever tried to use a toothbrush on a dog? Extremely difficult! This toy is a brilliant idea.

Water Sterilizer for Food

Sometimes just using water to wash your food doesn’t get rid of all the bacteria. This gadget will give you piece of mind.

Date Stapler

A great way to keep organized!

Memory Foam Chair

Memory foam molds to your shape, so when you sink into this chair you will never want to get up!

Joining Socket Extensions

Handy to have when you require multiple plugs.

Flat Extension Cord

Ther’ll be no more tripping over leads with this! It can even be placed under rugs.

Floating Cloud Sofa

This looks heavenly! It uses a giant magnet to make the cloud levitate.

Floor Plan Light Switch

Perfect for larger houses. You can control the lights in all rooms of the house from one device.

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