15 Insanely Cool Things For Kids That Were Actually Meant For Adults

Parenting can be super hard and extremely overwhelming at times. It’s surprising how many possessions one tiny person needs to get by! So, anything that can add ease, convenience and peace of mind to a parent’s life is a great thing, right? Here we have 15 insanely cool things for kids that were actually meant for adults! The below list is full of creative, innovative and helpful items that parents will be eager to get their hands on. Take a look and see what you think! 

It’s no secret that babies can be extremely messy when it comes to feeding time. This handy device stores food in its base and then dispenses it out onto a spoon! This is an ideal thing to take when traveling! 

Make ‘here comes the airplane’ a literal phrase with these awesome spoons! 

Panic no more about whether your baby is breathing or not with this onesie that has a built in activity monitor. Not only this, but it tracks your baby’s sleeping habits helping you to learn their routine and adjust it if need be. 

You might find it hard to believe but there is such a thing as a translator for your babies cries. The Infant Cries Translator is said to be 92% accurate! We need to see this thing in action!

If you have the space and the money, a huge bed like this with a section for baby is perfect for new parents. Plenty of room for everyone whilst still being close together. When the baby outgrows its space, you could simply fill the hole and enjoy your new gigantic bed! 

bed designed for new parents


Strollers come in unbelievably handy but many are just overly bulky and heavy. You won’t face either of those issues with this super compact yet sturdy stroller! 

Help your kids engage and be more interested in their food with awesome plates like these! They are great for fussy eaters! 

This handy frog can be used both as a toy and a storage unit. It’s great for scooping things up! 

This genius device mimics the movement of rocking a baby. It attaches to the handle of any pram freeing you up to do whatever you need to do. 

Many children are afraid of the dark, or get up a lot in the night and need to be able to see. These illuminated balls that sit on a trendy base are a perfect solution. The balls can be carried around and put back whenever. 

It’s horrifying these days that you can literally take your eyes off your little one for 2 seconds and something awful can happen. This handy bracelet (that can be worn on the ankle also) connects to your phone sending you a warning if your child moves out of your chosen radius. 

Never worry about heating up a bottle again with this self heating one! Taking under 4 minutes to warm up, using a single use cartridge filled with salt and water, this is definitely an awesome invention!

Trying to poke a poorly child with a thermometer isn’t fun. With these clever stickers, you can easily monitor your child’s temperature even as they sleep. The results show up on your phone! 

Sore teeth and gums are no fun for our little ones! This specially designed soother is a pacifier and teether all in one! 

Getting little ones to take their teeth hygiene and care seriously can be tricky. With this smart tooth brush, the process becomes a fun game that leaves your child entertained whilst cleaning their teeth!