Starbucks Has An Off-Menu Secret Summer Yellow Drink

Fans of Starbucks are fully aware of the secret beverage recipes that are off the menu. These fan-made secret recipes are so popular that there have been several sites dedicated to sharing the exciting drinks concocted by baristas and fans around the world. One of the most popular sites is TotallyTheBomb which offers tons of hidden menu drinks that you can get from the giant coffeehouse. The site provides all the ingredients that make up the secret drink, along with the order instructions that you need to follow.

Recently, the site revealed 6 secret menu items that got fans hyped. The creative people behind TotallyTheBomb created colorful cold drinks in 6 mesmerizing colors: red, orange, pink, green, yellow and purple. All these fan-made drinks taste and look appetizing. But it was the yellow drink that is the favorite of those who tried the rainbow-inspired secret recipes. It’s not only because the yellow color embodies freshness and it’s the perfect color to use during summer. But the taste of this yellow-colored beverage also makes it the ultimate summer sip.


Starbucks Secret Yellow Drink

Appearance wise, this secret yellow drink looks exactly like the official Golden Ginger drink. Unfortunately, many people didn’t like the ginger-flavored beverage despite its luscious appearance. For those who are not the biggest fans of ginger, this secret yellow drink is just the perfect alternative. Plus, this secret recipe features the green tea lemonade flavor that everyone loves.

So, how can we order this yellow drink off the secret menu? Start by asking for a Venti iced cup then ask for unsweetened green tea lemonade. Next, ask to add coconut milk and 4 agaves in place of sugar as sweetener. Add ice, shake and enjoy!


Rainbow-Inspired Secret Drinks

The site also offers skinny versions for each of the 6 rainbow-inspired secret drinks. As the name suggests, the skinny version is for those who want to cut down the calories to get their summer bods ready for the season. To get the skinny yellow drink, start by ordering a Venti unsweetened green tea lemonade with light lemonade. Next, ask to add light coconut milk, one agave and 2 Stevias. Add ice, shake and enjoy the refreshing drink that is only 80 calories.