Ricardo Pimentel Brings 300 Stray Animals Home To Protect Them From Hurricane Delta

On October 7th, thousands of people in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula went on red alert as they braced for the ‘life-threatening’ Hurricane Delta. Ricardo Pimentel, the founder of Tierra de Animales, prepared not only for his family’s safety but also for the 300 stray animals residing in the shelter. The building at the animal sanctuary couldn’t accommodate all of the animal residents. And it also doesn’t help that the building isn’t hurricane-proof.

Of course, leaving the rescue animals in harm’s way wasn’t an option for Ricardo. So, he decided to bring home hundreds of the stray animals to keep them safe from the storm. He prepared a lot of food and other necessities for the dogs and cats beforehand. So, when the hurricane weaved its destructive path across the country, the homeless dogs and cats were kept safe and properly fed under Ricardo’s care.


This Man Sheltered 300 Stray Animals In His Home During A Hurricane Surge



As you might have seen from the news, the aftermath of hurricane Delta in north-eastern Mexico is indeed catastrophic. It has caused scattered flooding in cities and towns, knocked out power for hundreds of thousands, shattered windows and toppled trees. Thankfully, there were no reports of deaths or injuries although it did force thousands of people to evacuate and take refuge in storm shelters. Everyone has their own terrifying experiences during the hurricane that most would want to forget. But for Ricardo and all the animals that he took in, the moment was rather memorable, in a good way.

“They were very well-behaved all night during the meteorological phenomenon. They are all spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed. Almost all of them are ready to be adopted.”





Ricardo’s heroic deed warmed the hearts of people on the internet. And it just showed Ricardo’s wholehearted dedication in rescuing stray animals and keeping them safe all the time. Tierra de Animales doesn’t only serve homeless dogs and cats. It also houses other animals such as horses, pigs, cows, goats, turtles and more.






The Animal Sanctuary Is Currently Constructing Hurricane-Proof Shelters





You can help Ricardo and Tierra de Animales in saving more stray animals by donating whatever you can. After the devastating effect of hurricane Delta, the animal sanctuary needs more help than ever. Ricardo aims to build more shelters that are hurricane-proof to accommodate more animals and keep them protected in the event of a storm surge.

Source: Tierra de Animales