This Floating Island Raft Lets You Chill With Up To 6 People On The Open Water

It’s nice to spend the summer break by yourself for peaceful relaxation. But spending it with your family and friends is simply the best. So, get this floating island raft to have the most enjoyable summer with the people you love. Whether you’re planning to hit the beach, lake, river or pool, this 6-person inflatable boat will let you and your friends bask in the sunshine and fresh air for an unforgettable summer getaway.

This giant floating raft measures 153 inches x 108 inches when fully inflated. One half of it is a circular lounge area that can accommodate up to 4 people. The lounge area has a U-shaped sitting area with a backrest and a mesh floor where people can dip their feet in the water. The other half of the boat consists of two large loungers with extra wide backrests for two people to relax in comfort. With the dual-lounger facing the circular lounge area, it is designed to make sure everyone is facing each other. So that everyone is joining in the conversation while they leisurely drift on water.


Floating Island Raft

six-person floating island raft

Overall, this raft has a weight capacity of up to 1,190 pounds. So, you can just estimate how many people it can accommodate at once. In between the U-shaped sitting area and the dual-lounger area is a space intended for the cooler bag (included). Fill the cooler bag with ice and store your bottled or canned beverages inside to have chilled drinks whenever you need them. Furthermore, there are 6 cup holders strategically placed around the U-shaped backrest. So, you can keep your ice cold beverages at arm’s reach while you cruise.

floating island raft


floating island raft with sunshade


inflatable boat dual-lounger area

This floating island also comes with a detachable sunshade that you can attach over the circular sitting area. It also features a swim up platform on one side to help you get on and off the boat easily. There are 4 heavy-duty handles, two on each side, for holding on. And safety grab ropes on both ends so you can tie it to other floating platforms, docks or anchors. You can also buy an anchor bag to hold the anchor (not included) and keep the boat steady in place.

inflatable boat mesh floor


inflatable boat sturdy grab handles


inflatable boat cooler bag


inflatable boat cup holder


inflatable boat grab ropes

This 6-person floating island is made from strong and tear-resistant PVC that can handle freshwater, saltwater and chlorinated water. It has quick release valves for fast inflation and deflation with the use of an air pump (not included). One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This monster is awesome. It took surprisingly little time to initially assemble and blow up. We bought this for a music festival on a reservoir and needless to say we were the envy of all other water goers. It allowed us to stay out on the water for much longer without frying. We had 10 adults on at one time and we probably could have fit at least 2 more comfortable.”

giant floating island raft


floating island raft 6-person


floating island raft with canopy


inflatable floating island raft


floating island raft inflatable

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giant floating island raft inflatable

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