People Have Been Turning Their Tables Into Succulent Gardens And It’s Becoming A Colorful Trend

Succulents are everywhere and there’s a reason why these plants are so trendy nowadays. Due to its popularity, people have found a way to incorporate these fleshy plants into furniture. One look at these Blooming Tables and you’ll also want to turn your tables into succulent gardens. Now you can bring the beauty of outdoors right inside your home by transforming your ordinary tables into a comely oasis.

While you can just buy a pre-made Blooming Table, many people prefer to make their own tables that also double as small gardens. You can refurbish any types of table including a dining table, coffee table, side table, round table, work table and bar table. But why succulents, you may ask. Sure, there are other indoor plants that you can use instead of succulents. But there’s a good reason why these plump plants continue to trend higher as the most favorite among indoor plants.


People Are Turning Ordinary Tables Into Beautiful Succulent Gardens

tables turned into succulent gardens

First and foremost, these sappy plants can grow anywhere. You can grow them outdoors or indoors as long as you provide them with the right potting mix, sunlight duration and water. Here’s the best thing about these plants. They have fleshy leaves and stems adapted to store water. Hence, they don’t require frequent watering like other plants do. So, how do you know when a succulent needs watering? Wait until the soil is bone dry. That’s an indication that it needs water. Take note that succulents thrive on dry soil so watering them too much may do them more harm than good.


These plants don’t use up much space

Another reason for its popularity is that the growth of most succulents is well in line with those in a limited space. These cute plants don’t grow quickly and they don’t fill up lots of space. But keep in mind that not all succulents are suited for indoors. The natural light of their native habitat is probably the most difficult variable to emulate.

Placing your indoor succulents in a southern or western-facing window would give them enough exposure to sunlight. If the ideal lighting isn’t possible in your location, we recommend growing them under incandescent or fluorescent supplemental lighting.

table succulent gardens


table with built-in succulent gardens


tables that double as succulent gardens

These delightful plants are not just convenient and easy to maintain but they are aesthetically appealing as well. With these indoor gardens, you get natural decorations in various colors, shapes and sizes. A better approach is stocking different types of succulents to get an alluring mix of colors and shapes. Then you can get creative on how you arrange them on your blooming table. Or you can use these examples to give you ideas on how to make your own succulent table.

patio table succulent gardens


coffee table with built-in center planter


antique trunk turned into table planter


table planter


glasstop table planter


dining table with planter in the middle


pallet wood picnic table with planter


succulent gardens table