This Space-Saving Coffee Table Has Three Cushion Seats And A Pull-Out Desk

In today’s modern living, it’s all about saving space to make the best of the available space we have. We’ve found another amazing piece of furniture with an incredible space-saving yet elegant design. This rising coffee table features a round design that doesn’t only complement any home décor style but also saves space. It comes with 3 ottoman stools that you can place under the table when not in use.

One of the most amazing features of this unique table is its liftable design that allows you to raise the tabletop. The elevated desktop makes a comfortable workspace for office and study. Plus, lifting the tabletop reveals a large storage space inside where you can keep your books, remotes, magazines, gadgets and more. As far as space efficiency is concerned, this furniture is definitely the crème de la crème of all multifunctional furniture.


Rising Coffee Table

space-saving desktop furniture

The liftable tabletop is made from high quality tempered glass which is durable and resistant to breakage. It features a marble pattern to add some flair into your workspace. The large storage space underneath the tabletop is made from environmentally- friendly sheet wood. Its support frame is made of premium carbon steel which is resistant to corrosion and rust. Plus, the entire frame is coated in gold spray paint to give a mesmerizing gloss and a touch of sophistication.

rising coffee table


rising coffee table with ottoman

Overall, this table measures 31.5 inches in diameter and 18.5 inches tall. With the tabletop raised, the table provides a comfortable height of 24.4 inches. The wooden storage underneath the tabletop has a diameter of 31.5 inches and a thickness of 6 inches. Each stool measures 25.5 by 11.8 by 9.3 inches.

rising coffee table details


golden spray paint coated frame

This rising table is available in two options. You can get it with the 3 stools included or opt for the table alone without the stools. Of course, the included stools with set you back more. But considering the overall aesthetic element that comes with the stools, it’s actually worth every penny. Besides, the ottomans are designed not to take up space when placed underneath the table. So, you can never go wrong with adding them to your purchase. Take note that this furniture set doesn’t come fully assembled so you’ll have to put the components altogether.

rising coffee table without ottoman stools

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space-saving desktop furniture with ottoman stools

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