Beautiful Walnut Coffee Table With Glass Top

This wood art coffee table cleverly combines functionality and aesthetics to add beauty and elegance to your home. Modern coffee tables not only provide practical features but they also offer aesthetic beauty. And since this piece of furniture is mostly situated in the center of the living room, it can become the focal point of the interior design scheme. Therefore, it is significant to ensure that this centerpiece is as eye-catching as possible.

Featuring a unique aesthetic construction and design, this oval-shaped coffee table also doubles as an ornamental wood art. It’s a perfect addition to any living room that is sure to impress. With a pair of regular table bases on one side, its most striking design feature is its remarkable stance on the other side. A stack of wooden rings of various sizes serving as the base, the asymmetrical design creates a more complex relationships between the elements which makes the piece more interesting.


Wood Art Coffee Table

wood art coffee table

This decorative wood art coffee table is handcrafted of beech wood in natural walnut finish to create a rustic look that complements all types of interior design scheme. The tabletop uses 4mm tempered glass that showcases the mesmerizing helix of wooden rings from above. It is truly a sight to behold whichever angle you look at it. While it can be landing space for coffee cups, magazines, and remote controls, its stunning appearance can also make your living room come to life.

wood art coffee table top


tabletop unique design


asymmetrical table side


decorative table glass top

This sophisticated piece of furniture is sure to add some flair into your living space. Plus, its durable construction is guaranteed to make this wood art coffee table last for years. It measures 15.74 inches high, 51.18 inches wide, 27.55 inches deep, and weighs 60 pounds. Take note that this furniture doesn’t come fully assembled. Assembly is required with installation diagram included in the package to assist you with the assembly.

“This is both beautiful and interesting, perfect scale for my space.”, one satisfied customer wrote. “This piece is extremely cool and I have received a high number of compliments.”, another customer wrote.

unique table design


wood art coffee table tempered glass top


natural walnut rustic table


wood art coffee table top glass


decorative wood art coffee table tempered glass

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