Beautiful Glass Table Also Functions As A Succulent Garden

Are you a lover of house plants? Then, it’s highly likely that you’re soon going to be out of space for your leafy buddies. The good news is that BloomingTables has come up with a fantastic solution to space-saving and bringing your plants indoors!

Recently, the team of innovative nature lovers launched a campaign at Kickstarter. Hence, the debut of BloomingTables. It’s an elegant-looking piece of furniture plus succulent garden combined.

In a statement on Kickstarter, the creators noted:

“There are an abundance of stunning species of plants, and countless ways to create arrangements. However, there are limited options for the housing of indoor plants. BloomingTables was born out of the idea that beautiful plants deserve beautiful homes. We have created a product that has brought character and joy into our home, and we want to share this experience with others.”

So, what you’ll get is a minimalist table design that’s 30 in tall, 33 in long, and 10.5 in wide. Also, it sits on a set of steel hairpin legs. With features such as a 6-mm tempered glass top and a watertight acrylic tub, BloomingTables is such a fantastic piece.

But not only that. It also has four UV-resistant suction cups. The purpose? It’s for holding the glass right in place. It also has a piece of painted maple veneer box.

This is BloomingTables. It’s an elegant-looking furniture piece that also functions as a succulent garden.

succulent garden elegant furniture bloomingtables


placing bloomingtables by the window for natural sunlight

If you’re wondering how to use it, it’s actually simple. Just fill it with a layer of activated charcoal and gravel. That’s for water absorption! Then, arrange your succulents as it pleases your eyes.

Whenever your plants are thirsty, just lift the glass off, water them, and put the glass back on. If you want the best results, set the table by a window where there’s natural sunlight. If that’s not possible, you can opt for an incandescent lightbulb in a lamp.

While the Kickstarter initiative has already reached its goal, you can still give support and eventually order your own piece! BloomingTables would be sending out preorders by November 2019. You can find more information on Kickstarter.

tending to plants inside bloomingtables


indoor furniture and garden bloomingtables

It has four suction cups — all UV-resistant — for holding the removable glass in its place.

four suction cups holding glass top bloomingtables

Source: BloomingTables