You Can Get A Mini Picnic Table For Your Chickens Because Why Not

Your gorgeous chickens deserve the best things in life. This is why you need to get them this mini picnic table that allows them to feed at a proper table. It will surely remind you of the squirrel feeder in the form of a picnic table. Well, that’s simply because both were produced by the same company. And if squirrels can dine in style, chickens can too.

Unlike the ones for squirrels, this mini table for chickens has a rimmed top surface to contain the chicken feed. And this one is actually bigger to make room for more chickens to enjoy their meal together. Aside from the rimmed top area, it also features two benches on each side, just like the real thing. Each table is handmade from cedar wood known for its rot-resistant property. So you can rest assured that it will provide years of enjoyment for your fowls.


Mini Picnic Table for Chickens

mini picnic table for chickens

The mini table for chickens roughly measures 14 inches long, 14 inches wide and 10 inches tall. A perfect addition to your chicken coop, it doesn’t only let your chickens feed with dignity but it also helps keep your coop ground tidier. If you really love your fowls then let them feed in the most dignified way. This will certainly make your chickens a lot happier. Besides, happy chickens tend to lay better-tasting eggs. This might be a good investment for those in the poultry industry.

fowl feeder cedarwood table


mini picnic table for chicken coop


fowl feeder rimmed top


fowl feeder made from cedarwood


mini picnic table for fowls

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Source: Etsy