Outdoor Patio Table With Built-In Cooler

Warm weather is kicking in, so now is the perfect time to start prepping for pool parties and backyard BBQ. Make your summer-at-home more enjoyable by adding this outdoor patio table to your summer party venue. There might be plenty of patio tables that you can buy out there. But all they could offer is a flat surface on which to place your food and drinks. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that does more than that then our latest find definitely fits the bill.

This outdoor patio table has a built-in cooler for your favorite assortment of wines, beers, or other beverages. To access the hidden cooler, simply lift the top lid to reveal its 7.5 gallon container for cooling drinks. The cooler’s storage capacity can hold up to 40 12-oz cans and sufficient room to hold plenty of ice cubes to keep your drinks chilled. It keeps your bottled wines and canned beers ice cold for up to 12 hours for nonstop party enjoyment.


Outdoor Patio Table With Built-In Cooler

outdoor patio table with hidden cooler

The lid can be elevated 10 inches above the rim to create a 32.5-inch high table. Just lift the top part and twist the locking ring to secure it in place. You can use the raised top to place your glasses of drinks and appetizers. And when it’s time to refill your glasses, simply pick your ice cold drink from the cooler underneath. There’s no need to leave the table to search out for the drink cooler because this multifunctional outdoor patio table provides everything you need for a fun-filled party.

resin coffee table rattan finish


outdoor patio table with built-in cooler


convertible bar with built-in cooler

And when the party’s over, just remove the built-in drainage plug for easy cleanup. Then twist the elevated lid back down to hide the cooler. The convertible furniture can then be used as a coffee table. With the lid down, the table measures 22.5 inches high with 19.5 inches diameter. But with the lid raised, it becomes a 33-inch high table. This 2-in-1 patio furniture also makes a unique hot tub side table so you can easily access your chilled beverages while you soak. It is made of weather-resistant resin in an elegant rattan-like finish to complement any outdoor décor.

coffee table collapsible top


outdoor patio table with wine cooler

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