Photos That Show The Strength Of The Human Spirit

It’s no secret that the world we live in can be pretty depressing at times. There’s so much tragedy and hate floating around that often overshadows the positives in the world. However, there absolutely is good in the world and we love reminding others of this fact, and being reminded ourselves. Here we have some photos that highlight the strength of the human spirit.

There are many different people involved in this list that have gone through different life experiences.


Fauja Singh

Below you see 106 year old Fauja Singh. He is a British Sikh, centenarian marathon runner. He has beaten a number of world record and holds a Guinness World Record. You rock Fauja!


Practice Can Be Tough

These ballet dancers are extremely flexible!


John Bramblitt

The guy pictured below is called John Bramblitt. He is an extremely talented, blind artist. Just look at the incredible example of his work!


Pawel Poljanski

Pictured below are cyclist Pawel Poljanski’s legs after 16 race stages of Tour de France.


Taking A Break

Here you see some doctors taking a well earned break after a 32 hour long surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from a patient’s brain.


Going The Extra Mile

This dedicated teacher crosses a river that has a powerful current every day to get to a school to educate her students.


Being Resourceful

This is 9 year old Daniel Cabrera. He is using the light from McDonald’s to complete his homework.


Hugh Jackman

This is Hugh pictured after having his 6th basal cell carcinoma cut from his nose. He often spreads awareness on cancer and encourages people to be safe in the sun.


Maria Lorena Ramirez

Maria Lorena Ramirez won a 50k marathon in Mexico running in a skirt and sandals. Incredible!


Dashrath Manjhi

Dashrath Manjhi dedicated 22 years of his life to making a pathway through a mountain so the people of his village would be able to access healthcare.


Ted Rammel

Ted Rammel sadly became suddenly paralyzed in 2010. Instead of letting this ruin his life, Ted continues to save lives working with the assistance of a wheelchair that allows him to stand.


Jadav Payeng

Environmentalist Jadav Payeng has a passion for planting trees. He has been doing so for 37 years and today his forest exceeds 550 hectares.