Brutally Honest Grandmas Who Have Zero Filter

Most people who have a grandma in their life will feel blessed and lucky. After all, most grandmas make sure you’re always loved, and always fed! However, there are some grandmas out there that are a little different. These grandmas have zero chill, zero filter and are brutally honest. Painfully honest, in fact. We’re talking about the kind of honest grandmas that will straight up call you fat, insult you and your life choices, and of course, embarrass you to others. Here we have some examples of grandmas just like that. Take a look and see if you relate to anything! 

Brutally Honest Grandmas

This grandma claims to have predicted the future…

How charming is this? The ultimate insult! 

Well, this sure puts things into perspective! 

Wow. We wonder what Ben’s reaction was… 

What a waste of cookies! Let’s hope the recipient had a weird fondness for them.

This grandma needs her approval to be earned! 

Not quite what we would call spreading Christmas joy… 

We just pictured this happening. Hilarious. 

This grandma has very high standards apparently! 

Well, that’s her invite revoked if she doesn’t! 

When grandma wants you to repent for your sins… 

Awkward. Tick. Rude. Tick. 

This grandchild got demoted! 

We can imagine the pregnant lady eye rolling. 

No thoughts held back here, that’s for sure!