People Are Sharing Interesting Things They’ve Seen In Nature

Mother Nature’s been quite busy demonstrating her wrath this year, hasn’t she? We’ve been rocked by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other shocking phenomena, which only goes to show that she truly is a force to be reckoned with. But let’s not forget how beautiful, majestic and awesome she is. Despite everything, Mother Nature never fails to surprise us with the most interesting things, like rocks that resemble human faces, for example. All flora and fauna are magical in their own way to – you just need to pay attention!

In fact, Mother’s Nature’s surprising creations tend to hide in plain sight. Crowds of people can pass by it without noticing because they’re too busy with their own little worlds. Then, in other cases, a lucky person would stumble upon Mother Nature’s unique creation almost immediately. And since we live in the age where our hands are basically glued to our smartphones, it’s become easier to document these interesting things through pictures to prove to our friends that we really did stumble onto something amazing. A lot of these lucky people went on Reddit to show off their unique discoveries.


“This sorry sap of a rock formation”


“This red only rainbow I saw at midnight in Finland”


“Found a face on the tree today”


“This shadow from two different trees in my parking lot”


These lucky people have discovered some interesting things while they were going about their business

Some of the entries posted on r/mildlyinteresting largely feature flora and fauna that deviates from its normal form, shape and color. Among the unique things submitted on the forum was a picture of someone’s petunia that featured a rather out-of-this-world pattern. Another shared an image of wildflowers thriving in desert cracks in Chile, while another Reddit user showed off their cabbage’s vibrant colors that manifested all at once.


“My new petunia looks like a galaxy”


“A rare desert bloom in the Atacama desert in Chile”


“I found this leaf that looks like a weather radar”


“Colour gradient moss”

One of the things we love so much about fall is that we get to watch the flora around us change color from vibrant green hues to warm red, gold and yellow. And if you’re lucky, you just might see all those colors in one place, like the Reddit user who spotted the moss changing color! You’ll never really know what nature has in store. You could be walking along the beach and discover an entire piece of driftwood that could only have been twisted by the ocean’s powerful current washed ashore. Or, you could also find yourself the lucky finder of a really, really tiny maple leaf.


“The way the condensation formed on my blackberry plant this morning”


“Every year we get a single red rose through the wall of ivy in our garden”


“A cherry just grew alone in the middle of my tree”


“These bunches of grapes are growing into a… bunch of grapes”


“This Tibetan Cherry tree at my local park looks like copper”


“This cabbage in my yard showing it’s fall colors”


These awesome pictures show that you can find the most amazing things in the most random places

Normally, you’d expect to see weeds growing from a crack on the pavement. However, this wasn’t the case for one Redditor, who found a healthy sunflower thriving on the sidewalk, just a few feet away from its parent plant. This shows just how resilient nature can be. In another show of hardiness, one Redditor was amazed to find a tree that had had its lower trunk burnt during a bushfire still thriving, despite the damage. In addition to this, a tree that had grown inside a silo grew and conquered its high confines. If these images don’t make you realize that nature will always win, we don’t know what will! Keep scrolling to see more awesome things created by Mother Nature!


“The new growth on this fir tree”


“This tree in my neighbourhood that has 1 branch of an apple tree and the rest is a normal tree”


“Sunflower growing out of the sidewalk – parent patch visible in background”


“This tree was burnt in a bushfire but continues to live”




“This tree grew inside an old silo and finally made it to the top!”


Clouds are also known to take interesting forms


“Mt. Fuji today – rare lenticular cloud”


“This cloud I photographed from a commercial flight that is creating a massive shadow”


Freezing conditions brings about plenty of unique things to


“Snow had just the right conditions so that it rolled up like a carpet”


“This icy bird umbrella”


“My grass is an inch lower… and got frost. My neighbors did not.”


“The river by me flooded, then the water receded leaving these hovering ice shelves on the trees”


Mushrooms are always interesting to stumble upon


“The Parrot Waxcap mushroom. Found across northern Europe.”


“A whole colony of Fairy Inkcaps”


And it’s always exciting to find tiny versions of flora and fauna


“This baby grasshopper army in my friend’s garden”


“This morning I found by far the smallest frog I have ever seen in my entire life (my average-sized fingernail for scale)


“The smallest maple leaf I’ve ever seen”


Someone even found the exact location that inspired a painting


“Left: A painting from 1892, right: the same spot in 2020.”


Animals never fail to amaze

Aside from plants, there have been some amazing things discovered in the wild and urban landscape. Of course, it goes without saying that all animals, big or small, are masterpieces in their own way, like the Vietnamese Moss Frog. But in some cases, some are born to stand out above the rest. Take for example the baby zebra that was born with polka dots instead of stripes! Albino animals are also among nature’s most remarkable creations. And as luck would have it, one Reddit user chanced upon an albino deer while walking to work one day!


“Vietnamese mossy frog”


“Squirrel with a blonde tail”


“My wife found this tiny skink in the garden, some much needed brightness on a grey, smoky day”


“Beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth found in my garden, UK”


“Albino deer I spotted walking to work last week”


“This bird that looks like Danny DeVito”


“Close up of my chameleon”


Watching nature work its magic will never get old


“This twisted driftwood I found on the beach”


“This geyser right before it blows”

Encountering unexpectedly interesting things is sure to stay in anyone’s memory long after the moment has passed. More often than not, these chance encounters will never happen to the same person twice. So when the chance presents itself, we must be alert and quick in taking a picture to make sure that the moment lives on, whether you plan only to show it off to your friends or upload it on Reddit and other platforms. Have you ever had the chance to witness an incredibly unique thing? What was it? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section!

Source: Reddit