Funny Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up The Office Life

Unfortunately, working in an office can be absolutely mind numbing. A mundane and miserable environment is never good for your mentality, particularly when you are trying to be productive! However, it’s not always bad. Some office spaces are actually pretty fun to work in and we’ve got the proof! Being able to have a break, laugh and joke every now and again whilst you’re working is hugely important. Here we have some amusing pictures that perfectly sum up the office life! Take a look! 

Funny Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up The Office Life

This office gives you a replacement badge when you forget your personal one… 

This office has only one male so he got a personalized toilet sign! 

You can just tell the people at this office have a great sense of humor. 

Who doesn’t love an audience when they do their business?

Some thoughtful co-workers made their project manager who was getting married a special hard hat!

Beware of sensitive programmers!

How to make it look like you’re always working hard! 

Human/animal hybrid photo shoot! 

This paleontology department went all out for Halloween. 

Someone put a toy car in their office meeting room as a decoration but someone else clearly wasn’t a fan! 

That looks so cozy and comfortable. We love dog friendly offices. 

A epic and super impressive post-it war!

How to make the best of the situation when you spill wine at the office! 

When you’re fed up of being asked the same question over and over again…

Disappointment in a photo…