15 Easy And Creative Uses For Old Corks


If you have quite a few old corks lying around the house then why not put them to good use? With Christmas just around the corner, many of us will be buying bottles of wine and champagne to celebrate the holidays. Here are a few ideas of what to do with the corks once the party season is over.
From one-off jewelry to mini plant holders, there's something to suit everyone in our creative collection below.


Cork coasters are a fun way to protect your table.



These name tags look great for any occasion!


Corks make gorgeous plant holders for small plants and seedlings.


These cork key rings are easy to make and look amazing!


Don't throw out that old broken mirror. Turn it into a cool cork board instead!


Cork bath mats are practical and give a natural feel to your bathroom.


Cork sculptures. The only limit is your imagination!


This cork ball ornament creates a talking point in any room.


Affix cork 'handles' to old broken knives for style, safety and comfort.


An inexpensive way to display and organize jewelry.



Colorful and creative, the cork necklace is easy to make and is a great gift idea.


Be unique with your own handmade cork ring.


Sticking some old corks together makes a cool sign for a bedroom.


Carve pretty designs into the bottom of your corks to create unique stamps!



A wine cork trivet is both practical and easy to make!