The Funniest and Creepiest Baby Face Swaps On The Internet

Who wouldn’t want to swap places with a baby? Thanks to technology and Snapchat, face swapping can be done in one click. The results are downright hilarious and can be pretty horrifying, especially if adult faces are imposed onto kids bodies.

Check out 18 of the best baby face swaps that will either make you laugh or squirm.

Grandma Say Ahhh…

Didn’t Know My Wife Gave Birth to A Robo Baby

Wife Wanted A Nice Family Portrait Christmas Card…and This Is What She Got

Didn’t Know We’re Related to Hitler

Those BIIIG Blue Eyes

We Found Benjamin Button

My Wife and Son Seem Pretty Happy with Their New Faces, Don’t You Think?

The Creepiest Face Swap We’ve Ever Laid Eyes On

Dear Lord!

Like Father, Like Son

Twinning to The Next Level

Santa Face Swap

When Technology Fails Us Big Time

My Girlfriend Sent This Photo While She Was Babysitting

The Kids Are Looking Pretty Happy

Meet My Gangsta Baby

Pure Joy

What Nightmares Are Made Of