Woman Starts Hilariously Documenting Her Attempt To Look After A Cat That Wouldn’t Stop Visiting Her

Unpredictability is a trait that felines have. So, if you’re planning to get a pet cat, make sure that you can keep up with their whimsical shenanigans and capricious temperament on a daily basis. It also goes without saying that a life with a feline pet is full of surprises. Surprisingly, you never when know when a kitty will come into your life and claim you as a servant owner. And when that time comes, we hope you’re ready to commit your life to an adorable companion with unpredictable behavior.

Erin Breean from Austin, Texas didn’t have any idea that her life would totally change when she found a kitty creeping around their patio at the end of March. She and her partner Landon believed that it was a stray so they offered it food and treats. The stray kitty would later visit them more often. Erin and Landon would sit out on the patio with the furry feline to feed it and keep it company. They later named their frequent visitor Kevin. At first, Kevin was really skittish and he didn’t want to be touched. But after days of giving him kibbles, they finally earned Kevin’s trust. Every time Kevin appears on their patio, the kitty would roll around on its back for belly rubs.


This stray cat keeps visiting a couple for food and treats

stray cat named kevin


erin breean documents hilarious story


“Don’t touch me but give me belly rubs?”

stray cat named kevin loves belly rubs


stray kitty appears on the patio

So, Erin was finally able to catch Kevin so the vet can check if he has a microchip. As it turned out, Kevin wasn’t chipped. But Erin got an unexpected surprise when the vet revealed that Kevin was a girl. But that’s not the biggest surprise just yet. The vet also revealed that Kevin was pregnant and would be a mom anytime soon. Taking care of a pregnant kitty is a huge responsibility. But Erin was determined to take care of Kevin and help her bring her babies into the world.

erin breean catches kevin brings to vet


vet reveals kevin cat is a girl


“The date on the right is the estimated age the vet put down for Kevin. No, this isn’t a conspiracy, lol. The date of the visit was cut off so I could squish the pic in an Instagram story.”

kevin ultrasound result pregnant

And just like that, Erin and Landon have a new cat, and an expectant kitty mom to boot. Erin decided to share her amusing experience on her Facebook page. From the time Kevin appeared on their patio for the first time, to the great revelation, up to the time she gave birth, the entire story was fully documented on her Facebook post.

pregnant stray cat hiding place


pregnant cat kevin hiding place


pregnant kitty kevin cabinet hiding place

Erin and Landon weren’t new to having a cat around. In fact, the couple had Max the cat and Murphy the dog who both got along well. Sadly, Max passed away early this year, leaving his best friend Murphy lonely and sad. Erin and Landon were a bit worried when it was time to introduce Kevin to Murphy. They knew Murphy wouldn’t have a problem having a new feline buddy but they were not sure what Kevin would think of the dog.


“We were really hesitant to introduce Kevin and Murphy at first, but Kevin took the initiative and went right up to him, and they’ve been best friends since.”, Erin shares.

murphy and kevin dog cat friendship


Best Friends

kevin and murphy bestfriends


“She was clearly taking advantage of the situation by now.”

kevin pregnant cat chilling on the bed


“Waiting for kittens.”

erin breean and murphy wait for kevin kittens


kevin lay your eggs already


kevin ultrasound result pregnancy


“April 1, 2020. 3 pm”

kevin pregnant cat about to give birth


“Kevin’s face when she realized she just pooped out a kitten at 3:50 pm.”

kevin the cat giving birth


“4:55 pm, 2 down… *3 down, I can’t count. Lol”

kevin the cat gives birth to three kittens


“Four baby Kevins, 6:20 pm”

kevin the kitty gives birth to four kittens

Even after Kevin gave birth to four cute litters, Murphy was there to help take care of the feline family. He would let the kittens climb over him and pounce on his tail. Although Kevin is having a rough time, you could see how proud she is of her adorable babies. Erin and Landon have to reach out to their local animal shelter to seek help on how to foster kittens. The couple got advice which was to look after the kittens until they are old enough to have a microchip and vaccinations.

“April 3, 3 days old”

erin breean newly born kittens


kevin mom kitty


“5 days old!”

five days old kitten


kevin five days old kitten


kevin with her newborn kitten


kevin black kitten


kevin cat family breakfast in bed


“They have all been adopted,” Erin added. “They are going in pairs which we are very happy about, two to a friend here in Austin and two to our old roommate back in San Francisco. They’ll be ready to go home in a week and we’ve decided Kevin belongs here with us for good!”

murphy and kevin bestfriends


newly born kitten


“Y’all. We were calling her a calico because our vet (and the internet) said the presence of white makes her technically a calico and not a tortoiseshell.”

little calico cat newborn kitten



kevin the cat story kitten weigh in


“Deaf, blind, and cute af”

kevin cute little kittens


“Teaching Kevin how to take selfies.”

erin breean with kevin the cat


“April 7, 2020…we made it a week!!”

one week old kittens


“Everyone say ‘cheeeese’!”

murphy and kevin smile for the camera


“3 little beans, all in a row”

three little beans in a row


kevin the cat taking care of her kitten


cute tiny kitten


“April 14, 2 weeks old! Eyes starting to barely open…”

kitten eyes open


“Yea, me too kid”

two weeks old kittens


two weeks old calico kitten


funny kitten tongue out


“The little girl wasn’t gaining nearly as much weight as the others, so I took to holding her to make sure she was getting enough lunch without her brothers shoving her out of the way.”

girl kitten shoved out of the way


“Kevin starting to leave her kids for a few minutes at a time to start exploring the house. I see you, lady!!!”

kevin the cat taking a break


adorable black kitten


cute little kitten


Murphy Watches Over The Kittens

murphy the dog takes care of the kittens


cute litters cat gang


adorable black tiny kitten


cute kitten filter heart glasses


only girl kitten second born


murphy the dog playing with kittens


“To say Murphy is obsessed with them is an understatement.”

kevin kitten loves murphy


“Dad life, amiright”

kevin the cat kitten loves murphy


tiny kitten sleeping with owner


murphy the dog watches over kittens


kevin the cat cute kitten


“Best babysitter ever. Trying to live up to Nana from Peter Pan…minus the whole ‘losing the kids’ thing…”

murphy as babysitter to kevin and the kittens


“April 22, they’re getting restless in our bathroom closet, lol. Thiiiiiis close to escaping…”

kevin the cat kittens


“Tiny teef coming in…”

kitten teeth coming out


“Kevin helping get the spare room ready for the kids.”

kevin the cat sitting on the sofa


“Checkin’ out the new digs”

kitten starting to explore


“April 22, the first night in their new room. Growin’ up fast!”

kevin and murphy looking after the kittens


“Everyone knows kittens make the best pillows.”

kevin the cat kitten pillow


adorable kittens sleeping together


cute tiny kittens playing


murphy the dog loves the kitten

Source: Erin Breean Facebook