“Big Poppa” The Bulldog Is Sad Because He’s Not Able To Play With The Kids Outside

With stay-at-home orders currently in effect, it’s easy to assume that most pets are having the time of their lives. Of course, nothing can certainly beat the joy of having their favorite humans by their side 24/7. However, just like human beings, some pets couldn’t help but feel the so-called lockdown blues too. And among them is three-year-old English bulldog Big Poppa or Pop as his human Rashida Ellis fondly calls him.

Ellis recently shared a photo of Pop slouching at their sixth-floor patio with a big frown on his face. It turned out that the pup has been watching some kids play in the courtyard from above. He wanted to join them so badly that he kept making noises to get their attention but to no avail. Unfortunately, the kids didn’t hear him as he was too far away, leaving him awfully sad. Apparently, the lockdown has left Pop yearning for human interactions more than ever.


The photo immediately went viral, garnering over 830K likes to date



You see, Pop is an extremely social dog. So, he loves being in the company of kids, adults, as well as other dogs more than anything else. As such, the lockdown and all the social distancing measures have posed quite a serious challenge to him. Ellis confirmed that the little dude has been having a hard time lately in dealing with all the pandemic-driven adjustments.


“The sadness started during the lockdown because Pop would usually go outside and play with some of the children in the courtyard every day and also multiple people would pet him when we walk. Ever since the lockdown, none of this happens and he tries to get their attention from the patio but ends up defeated.”






In addition, she shared that the lockdown has significantly affected Pop’s sleeping habits and energy levels. She noticed how Pop has been acting a bit sluggish and sleeping more than usual. All these telltale signs were enough to convince Ellis that Pop’s not feeling himself lately. So, in turn, she has been putting in the extra work to cheer up Pop in any way that she can.


“I sing songs and dance. We take extra walks. I also tell him to come sit with me and feed him treats. He likes to be fed!”





Moreover, the online community has extended their warm regards to Pop and showered him with heaps of love







Even Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams couldn’t help but sympathize with Big Poppa









In other news, here’s a clip of Pop patiently waiting for his human to finish work

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Sources: Rashida Ellis Instagram & Twitter | popthebulldog