40 People Who Said No To Having Cats And Now Look At Them

In this world, there are some things that are clearly easier said than done. For instance, not wanting to have a cat or a pet for that matter. We’re pretty sure that you’ve encountered countless people who initially didn’t want cats yet ended up owning one. It could be a roommate, a friend, a family member or even yourself. Apparently, cats have a certain charm that no human can ever resist. And it shows on the photos that we have featured below.

We’ve compiled several photos and testaments of new “cat converts” that most cat owners could probably relate to. From being okay with having a cat at home to eventually not minding sharing their personal space with their feline friends—the connection and affection just grows deeper by the day.


People who claim that they didn’t want cats are being photographed by their loved ones getting all cozy and familiar with their newfound furry friends


“‘I don’t want a kitten, I’m not a cat person!’ A week later…”


“Dad four months ago didn’t even want a cat… Now look at him”


“my dad claims to hate my cat. turns out he takes selfies with her.”


“I live alone…didn’t want a pet. Workmate suggested she bring a kitten over that needed a home. Been together a year now.”


“Boyfriend claims to hate my cat…came home to this”


“My grandfather didn’t want a cat and now he shares snacks with Tiger (one of the cats he’s rescued from his barn)”


“My wife didn’t want cats. Even after getting our Bengals, she claimed she just ‘liked them alright.’ I’ve been calling her bluff, and I finally have proof.”


“I pretend I don’t like my roommates cat. But when he’s at work, we hangout.”


People who didn’t want cats are slowly finding themselves being transformed into a cat person


“My boyfriend doesn’t love cats, so I was worried about bringing home this orphan rescue. Now, they won’t leave each other alone.”


“He claims he doesn’t like cats but currently refusing to disturb sleeping cat to get up and pull the curtains ….”


“I am not a cat person. My Mom found the most social stray.”


“Boyfriend said he didn’t want another cat…”


“‘I really hate your cat’ indeed….”


“My dad hates cats.”


“Growing up, my grandpa hated cats and told me that when my cats died I wasn’t allowed to get more under his roof. They died. I got another. This is my grandpa.”


“My friend’s dad didn’t want a cat. She just sent me this.”

After all, it’s a known fact that cats can be clingy creatures. So, even people who claim that they didn’t want cats simply find themselves falling under these irresistible felines’ spell. And by the time they realize it, they’ve already grown uncontrollably fond of their furry friends. Keep scrolling down to see more of the heartfelt stories and photos of this newfound friendship!


“My dad hates cats. He just sent me this while babysitting my cat.”


“My boyfriend always said he didn’t want to get a cat… this is them five minutes after meeting.”


“Got a kitty. Roommate said he doesn’t like cats. Came home to this.”


“I always considered myself to be more of a dog person, but a co-worker brought this little guy in and I couldn’t help myself”


“At first I didn’t want to have to take care of kittens… Then this happened.”


“And he didn’t even want a cat…”


“This is the man that didn’t want a cat”


From allowing cats into their homes to eventually not minding sharing their personal space with them, these new cat lovers have certainly grown fond of their feline friends


“I didn’t want a cat…”


“My gf’s dad doesn’t like cats so he says, looks like she won him over!”


“I found a cat. I don’t like cats. ….now i have a cat i guess.”


“Me a year ago: I hate cats, they’re evil! Me, now, on my 4th set of fosters”


“Caught a picture of my cat with my friend who adamantly ‘hates cats'”


“My dad doesn’t want a cat but the cat definitely wants my dad. Did i hit the karma jackpot?”


“If you ask him, ‘f*ck no I’m not a cat person'”


“I didn’t want cats. My wife wanted cats. So we compromised and got 5 cats.”


“‘I’m not really a cat guy'”


“Dad says he doesn’t like the cat, saw this”


“Not a cat person but I just couldn’t not take her home.”


“The boyfriend is supposedly not a cat person.”


“When we met thirteen years ago he told me, ‘I’m more of a dog person, really.'”


“Got Leeroy a couple weeks back. Girlfriend didn’t want a cat and still tells friends she hates him. Yeah ok.”


“My dad never wanted a cat, and look at him now”


“I’m not a cat person but I’ll make an exception.”


“My dad swears he hates cats”


There are clearly no boundaries once you’ve finally let cats into your life! Even for those people who didn’t want cats.


“I wanted a cat. My ‘not a cat person’ boyfriend did not. We got one because it would make me happy. Guess whose cat she is.”


“Boyfriend says he does not like cats, I think he is full of sh*t.”


“My boyfriend said he doesn’t like cats”


“My dad, who hates cats, built bunkbeds for my boys.”


“Our cat only loves our dad, who hates her.”


“No. I don’t want to hold a kitten.”