Times People Were Too Lazy To Decorate For Christmas

There are those of us who can’t contain our excitement as the festive period approaches. Eager to get into the Christmas spirit, many people count down the days until it’s socially acceptable to put up their decorations! So many people go all out with incredible displays. However, there are also those who just can’t be bothered! That doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t love Christmas, some people just don’t want the fuss. Here we have a list of times people were too lazy to decorate for Christmas.

There are some genius ideas here for those who like to keep things more simplistic.

Ironically, the house on the right stands out more to us!

When you’re a fan of Christmas…

Sometimes we forget what Christmas is all about!

We are totally going to copy this idea…

This was someone’s display… before the cops made them take it down!

We relate to this so much.

Repurposing Halloween decorations like a pro…

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When Halloween ends, Christmas is coming! Well, not really but, oh well.

Last minute snow man door! Love it!

Too Lazy To Decorate For Christmas snowman door


No one in the office wanted to decorate the tree so somebody took one for the team!

Well, this tree will make the presents look huge!

If you hate decorating, bite the bullet once then wrap your tree and store it each year!

When you can’t be bothered, making use of the stuff you already have is a great idea.

This may just have won the contest for laziest Christmas decor…