Fritos BBQ Flavor Is Back For Summer Snacking Fun

Don’t you just hate it when something you love is taken from you? It’s absolutely devastating! No person should ever be deprived of whatever brings them joy in life… even if the said source of happiness happens to be a specific flavor of chips. Nobody should ever be put through the devastation of being denied their favorite chips. This is something that fans of the Fritos BBQ Flavor have been going through since the iconic flavor was discontinued in 2018. The discontinuation of the flavor left snackers stunned, shocked and sad.

However, many were not willing to let the flavor go without a fight. Articles were written. And one particular fan, David B., was so hurt by the flavor’s discontinuation that he started a petition for it to be returned! “After having been in production nearly 80 years, Frito-Lay North America decided to halt production of our beloved BBQ Fritos,” David B. wrote. He made it clear that the Honey BBQ Twists and Chili Cheese flavors that Frito-Lay introduced in the BBQ flavor’s place can’t make up for the loss. And it appears that their efforts have paid off because the Fritos BBQ Flavor is back!


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Fritos BBQ Flavor fans were sad and (understandably) upset over the brand’s decision to discontinue the flavor

“Many of us have been eating these for decades. For many, they’ve become a family tradition and part of our nostalgia. We need your help in making our voices heard over at Frito-Lay’s headquarters. Let’s let them know that they’ve made the wrong decision to discontinue this flavor and they need to bring them back in every U.S. market.”

Many snackers reached out to Frito-Lays about the disappearance of their favorite BBQ-flavored snack. However all the company could say was that despite being a fan favorite for years, the BBQ variant was discontinued. No other explanations were offered beyond this. The response of Frito-Lays certainly baffled BBQ chip loyalists more. But the hows and whys of the event didn’t matter much. All people really wanted was to have the chips back. So, the petition was made.


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The Bar-B-Q flavored Fritos are back after 2 years

Since launching, David B.’s online petition has amassed over 22K signatures. The petition aims to get up to 25,000 signatures. But it seems that its 22K signatures was enough to get Frito-Lays’ attention and push them into reproducing the iconic BBQ Fritos again! This is certainly good news in these trying times. However, the catch is that the Fritos Bar-B-Q chips will only be available at Dollar General stores. The exclusive release is different from the petition’s demand of having the Bar-B-Q Fritos re-distributed in its former large-scale scope… But a limited, exclusive release is better than nothing, right?


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Frito-Lays brought back the discontinued fan favorite as a part of their Fritos Salutes campaign this year

Another factor that might have played an important role in this discontinued flavor’s resurrection is the brand’s Fritos Salutes campaign. Instagrammers @markie_devo and @snackgator were careful to mention this important little detail, with @snackgator writing:

“They came back for the return of Fritos Salutes – the limited edition patriotic-themed packaging, with up to $200,000 in proceeds benefiting Carry the Load to honor the nation’s military and first responders.”

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Dollar General is offering the BBQ Fritos in two different sizes. You can get a pair of 1-ounce bags for $1 and the 9.25-ounce bag for $3.99. Several shoppers have spotted and swiped bags for themselves already. So you may want to plan your next venture outdoors around this exclusive, limited edition returnee! It won’t be around for a long time, so you’d better get as much as you can while it’s still around! Join David B. and other fans by signing the petition here. In case you don’t have a Dollar General in your area, you can also try and order it via InstaCart.