40 Adorable Photos Of Alaskan Malamutes Showing They’re Just Gentle Giants Really

Adorable fluffy dogs are guaranteed to make anyone smile and feel a lot better. So, we’re bringing you our photo collection of the cutest Alaskan Malamute dogs with all their glorious fluffiness and irresistible charm. If you’re in need of your daily dose of cuteness to lift your spirits then we’ll give you tons of it. All you need to do is sit back and relax because we’re bringing you all you need to brighten your day.

If you own a big fluffball of a dog, it’s a given that you want to flaunt it (and make everyone jealous of you). Sure, it would be nice to have a giant floof to cuddle with and give you company during difficult times. So, now we’re here wondering why we haven’t got one of these just yet. And it’s like, what have we been doing all our lives? We should be snuggling with our own fluffy doggos right now.


Meet the ‘Gentle Giants’ of the Canine Kingdom – the Alaskan Malamute dogs

The Alaskan Malamute dogs are recognizable by their dense guard coat and thick undercoat which gives them a very fluffy look. Furthermore, they have well-furred plumed tail to. This large breed of domestic canines are originally bred as sled dogs. Hence, they are strong, reliable and heavy as they are designed to haul heavy freights. Apart from their majestic coat, they are also notable for their almond-shaped eyes, erect ears, deep chest and substantial bones.


“Was My Big Bro, Now… Still My Big Bro”

alaskan malamutes puppy grows


“Then And Now. She Destroy Every Stuffed Animal Except This One”

alaskan malamutes toy lover


“My Big Dude Just Turned One And Is Massive!”

alaskan malamutes giant one year old

Despite their powerful body, these are gentle, sweet, friendly and playful. It’s as if they’re always puppies at heart even into adulthood. Since they are powerful dogs, they can withstand various games with kids making them ideal playmates for your children. They are affectionate, devoted and well-behaved companions. And they can grow as much as 23 to 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 85 pounds. But even if they grow and weigh so massively, they would still think they are puppies and would sit on your lap regardless of their huge size.


“Hello, Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Jesus Christ?”

alaskan malamutes peeking car


Pupper Then, Doggo Now

alaskan malamutes growing up


“My Friend’s Malamute Thinks He’s A Lap Dog”

alaskan malamutes lap dog

These spitz-type dogs are often mistaken for the Siberian husky due to their similar size and dense coat. But this breed are actually bigger and heavier than huskies. Moreover, malamutes prefer to live with humans whereas huskies prefer to live with their pack. Due to their size and weight, malamutes are at a higher risk of hip dysplasia. This genetic disorder is caused by the abnormal formation of the hip socket which can result in crippling and joint arthritis.


“Handsome Boy River”






This Little Nugget



“An Alaskan Malamute Having The Time Of His Life At Mt. Hermon, Israel”

smiling floof dog israel

Since Malamutes are bred to perform heavy tasks, it’s important to give them plenty of activities and exercise. If you intend to get these furry dogs, make sure to allot time with them. They typically require lots of walking and playtime in order to keep them active and healthy. Also take note that these giant floofs are big eaters so you need to make sure they have enough to eat after every workout.


“Welcome Back Hooman. Did You Remember To Buy My Tuna?”




“New Game, Did You Spot Milo Instantly Or Have To Do A Double Take?”




“Trying To Get A Closer Look”




“I Bought My Malamute Puppy A Hiking Pack, It Doesn’t Quite Fit Him Yet”

mal puppy hiking pack


“She Still Calls Him Her Puppy”

girl with giant fluffy puppy


“Tonka The Alaskan Malamute Dressed For Halloween As A Siberian Husky”

fluffy dog dressed for halloween


“Because Dogs Are The Best Cuddle Buddies”




“My Girlfriend’s Brother Got A New Dog”

girlfirend new dog


“I Know You Guys Want To Hug Me Like This. Am I Right?”




“When Your Malamute Doesn’t Want To Come Inside”

sled dog enjoys the snow


Malamute Growing Up

fluffy puppy growing up


“2 Months Vs 7 Months Comparison. Any Alaskan Malamute Fans?”

alaskan malamutes five months comparison


big fluffy dog on the couch


“My Mini-Malamute”

giant furry dog


Couple Derps

alaskan malamutes running


“Our Faces, When Asked, Who Finished The Cake. Hint: It Wasn’t The Human”




“How To Keep 250 Lbs Of Malamute Out Of Your Bed”

alaskan malamutes double deck bed


“Xander, The Dogs At The Park Called Me A Wolf Bear Again”

giant dog wolf bear


giant fluffy puppy looks like a teddy bear


“Believe It Or Not, That’s An Alaskan Malamute, Not A Weird Rabbit. Meet Ember”

puppy mal looks like a rabbit


This Polar Bear




“May I Have This Dance?”

alaskan malamutes dancing with human


“Size Difference Between These Two”




“What A Difference 8 Months Can Make. No More Looking Down To Teddy”




“Alaskan Malamute Goes For A Car Ride”

giant fluffy dog goes for a car ride


“My Malamute Just Turned 1, So We Celebrated With Balloons, Hats, And Carrot Cupcakes”

one year old mal dog


“That Has Been His Chair Since He Was A Puppy”




“I Think We Could Be A Better Beauty And The Beast Than Beauty And The Beast”




“What’s For Dinner Humom?”

giant fluffy dog at the dinner table


“Still A Little Puppy”

giant fluffy dog standing beside human