40 Strange Things Everyone Does But Doesn’t Talk About

When we’re alone, we tend to let our real personality show, consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes when we’re on our own, we also ponder about some random things that everyone does but doesn’t talk about. Indeed, we feel a certain type of freedom every time we’re on our own. We take that special ‘me-time’ to bare ourselves from any pretense or any façade we are forced to wear just to meet other people’s expectations. On our own, we feel no pressure to meet certain standards. Furthermore, this is our only chance to get away from the judgement zone.

But on a less serious note, being alone also makes us realize some unexpected things. It’s a fact that everyone does the most unusual things. But seems like no one talks about this kind of odd behavior. Or should we say, we are just too embarrassed to say we do these things. For example, that unexplainable feeling of anxiety when you’re walking past a security sensor even though you’re sure you haven’t taken anything from the store.  Or when you’re laying down and you just put your hand up for no reason at all.


People Share Some of the Most Unusual Things Everyone Does But Doesn’t Talk About

We do have some odd behavior and feel some unfamiliar emotions that even we ourselves are not aware of. But when we get to contemplate about our lives, we tend to recognize these things about ourselves. For sure, we’re not the only who feels this way. We just don’t dare to tell other people about it. You know what they say, some things are better left unsaid. Or are they?



These people took to social media to address the elephant in the room. And to be honest, their thoughts are spot-on. We’ve compiled the most relatable things that everyone does but doesn’t admit. And if you think we’ve missed something, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.