This Series Of Interestingly Decorative Storefronts Reveal The Story Of Paris

Tourists in Paris would normally flock to the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre to learn more about the city. But the beauty of Paris goes beyond its majestic monuments and mind-blowing museums. So, German Photographer Sebastian Erras takes the road less traveled to discover more about the city of light and love. He shies away from mainstream tourist attractions and snaps photos of local establishments and their storefronts instead.

Erras has collaborated with Pixartprinting for this project, entitled Paris Re-Tale. The project aims to capture and showcase “the city’s spirit through its shop signs.” Indeed, the vibrant walls, intricate tilework, hand-painted signages, and elegant display windows all reveal a different tale of the city. It’s nice to see how local artisans have played an important role in constructing the Parisian society.


Vanessa Jacquiot, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Boutique Hotel That Was Once Paris’s Oldest Bakery

Vanessa Jacquiot In Front of Hotel Du Petit Moulin


Stefan Perrier, in Front of What Looks like a Hat Shop, but Is in Fact a Leading Art Bookshop

Stefan Perrier In Front of Librairie Des Archives


Maxime Hubert, at the Entrance of the Reference Jazz Music Shop in Paris

Maxime Hubert In Front of Paris Jazz Corner


Luc Fracheboud and His Father Patrick at the Front Door of Their Historic Restaurant

Luc Fracheboud and Father Patrick at La Bonne Franquette Storefront


Julia Charvin at the Door of the Only Color Factory for Artists in Paris

Julia Charvin at Charvin Storefront


Bernard Poussin (Left) and Diane Junique (Right) in Front of Their Two-centuries-old Chocolaterie

Bernard Poussin and Diane Junique In Front of Debauve & Gallais


Alexandre Boyer, Surrounded by Pictures and Posters from the History of Cinema

Alexandre Boyer at Cine Images Storefront


Alain, at the Door of His Barber Shop, the Most Famous in Paris

Alain at Coiffeur Barbier Storefront

The project features various establishments—art supplies stores, bakeries, barbershops, clothing boutiques, music shops, restaurants—together with their respective owners. At the same time, it celebrates the pride of each shop, from the architecture, product offerings, down to their colorful backstories. By featuring both the owner and the shop in one frame, Erras effectively portrays them as a single unit.


Norbert Proudly Displays the Collection of Shoes He Designs

Norbert Bottier at His Storefront


Nathalie Felber Stands in Front of the Dry Cleaner’s Created by Her Great Grandfather

Nathalie Felber at Parfait Eleve De Pouyanne Storefront


Gilles Berthommier and One of His Puppets at the Door of His Workshop

Gilles Berthommier In Front of Clair De Reve


Drew Harré, Relaxing at the Entrance of His Fish and Wine Restaurant

Drew Harre at Boissonnerie Storefront


Dorothée Hoffmann Never Takes off Her Apron When She Is at Her Ceramics Workshop

Dorothée Hoffmann In Front of Les Ceramics Du Marais


Dave Kouliche, Welcoming Visitors at His Vinyl Records Shop

Dave Kouliche at L'International Records Storefront


Chef Christophe Duparay in Front of His Restaurant

Chef Christophe Duparay at La Pharmacie Storefront


Boris Lumé, Standing Proudly at the Entrance of His Picturesque Bakery-confectionery

Boris Lumé at His Storefront

In addition to Paris Re-Tale, there’s also another project that highlights the beautiful storefronts in the city of Lisbon. Aside from colorful storefronts, Erras also delights in capturing images of unique and colorful floor tile patterns in Paris. Check out his Instagram page for his collection of Parisian floor images.

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