A Group Of 7 Women Have Built Their Dream Retirement Home To Live Their Last Days Together

A lot of people are anxious about a seemingly inevitable experience of loneliness when they reach old age. And yet, a group consisting of 7 girl friends have vowed to live the last days of their lives together. These ladies, coming from Guangzhou, China, have managed to pull together as much as 4 million yuan to realize the said dream. How much was that again? Well, that’s about $580,000. Now, they’re turning an old house of 700 square meters into the dream retirement home they’re wishing it to be.

dream retirement home friends

With a breath-taking location at the suburban Guangzhou’s green hills, the three-story home has more than enough room to cater visits. The dream retirement home has a vast space on the ground floor. And, that’s just perfect for large group gatherings! Upstairs, you’ll find private rooms that all look welcoming. Moreover, the stylish modern home features a relaxing glass tea room. This place is perfect for viewing the local rice paddy fields just across the setting.

Indeed, the best of friends feel like a family to each other. This, without a doubt, is what you’re seeing from these seven women. With 20 vibrant and colorful years of friendship, these girl friends have formed quite a sisterly bond. And it’s unbreakable.

With sisters, though, there would always be some sort of bickering. The great thing about these friends is that they have made a way to avoid arguments. Their technique? Well, each one took up one skill to master. As a result, each woman had a unique role in their home. One cooks while another grows vegetables.

Wondering how these group of friends live their lives together each day? Check out the video below! Don’t worry, it has English subtitles.

Being the best of friends, these girls have vowed to live together till death separates them.

dream retirement home friends for life

They’ve gathered up 4 million yuan or $580,000 to transform an old house into their dream retirement home.

Source: Shanghaiist